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10 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

10 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

Wow your friends and family with these cool ideas.

winter idea 1

Bold Lips

Whether in shades of deep burgundy or classic red, bold lipstick goes so well with a winter wedding bridal look. Paired with a neutral eye and lots of lashes, pick a bold lipstick that enhances your skin’s glow.

winter idea 2

Hot Cocoa

Do your guests need to warm up? Offer a hot cocoa bar, as well as some “grown-up” versions with Grand Marnier, Kahlua, or Bailey’s. And of course, don’t forget the whipped cream and mini marshmallows.

winter idea 3

Sparkling Cocktails

But if you do prefer your cocktails on the sparkling and chilled side, opt for those with hints of dark berries and wintry garnish like this stunner.

winter idea 4

By Candlelight

Nothing sets the mood quite like the glow of candlelight, but when it is combined with piles of freshly fallen snow? Pure magic. Guide your guests into your venue with a trail of lanterns.

winter idea 5

Seasonal Style

Thanks to greenhouses, you can now get nearly any flower you want, no matter the season. But for a charming winter event, go with the season’s matural beauty. Make tablescapes out of evergreen boughs, berries, and pine cones.

winter idea 6

Norwegian Inspiration

If you favor really clean, simple decor, you might want to check into Norwegian wedding ideas. For example, their wedding cake (known as kransekake) is a towering confection with an uncluttered design.

winter idea 7

Outdoor Portraits

Make sure that you take advantage of the season! Pose in the snow all cuddled up with your new spouse, and even encourage a little snowball fight between wedding party members.

winter idea 8

Glam Backdrops

Instead of a large floral backdrop that you might see at a summer wedding, embrace the season with a statement-making fireplace mantel. Decorate it in your palette and theme and use it as the setting for your portraits.

winter idea 9

Staying Cozy

Want to use more of your venue? Place heat lamps on patios or make a fire for people to stand around. As long as it’s not too chilly, these little things will help your guests stay toasty throughout the night.

winter idea 10

Cool Getaway

There are so many ways to exit your winter wedding in style. From a horse-drawn sleigh to snowmobiles, snow-loving couples can leave their event in a memorable way.