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10 Ways to Give Your Bridal Look a Splash of Color

10 Ways to Give Your Bridal Look a Splash of Color




Personalize your bridal look with a pop of color – it’s all about the impact!



blue wedding dress



The Dress Dare


Are you looking for maximum wow factor? It’s time to start trying on color wedding dresses. We have seen the rise of the blush and the light blue shades, but a real color-lover could do something even more daring, like picking a dress with a deeper hue.

pastel bridal hair



Pastel Hair


Jump on the pastel hair trend and make your locks the base of your unique bridal look. Whether you choose to go blue, pink, or purple, remember that this day is all about you and the look you feel most at home in!




blue wedding veil



Something Blue


Many brides add “something blue” to their wedding ensembles, but it’s usually on the subtle side. Why not own this pop of color instead? Take a cue from this bride and make your something blue one of your greatest accessories, like this beautiful, pastel blue veil.




bright bridal accessories



Balanced Hues


Just because you want something vibrant doesn’t mean it has to be super bright or extra bold. Here’s an example of fresh, bright accents that still pop: This bride’s pink lips, turquoise earrings and necklace, and fresh blooms are completely on point.




jewel tone flower crown



Flower Crown


Flowers are naturally beautiful and colorful, which makes them a simple way to add some vibrancy to your bridal outfit. Although bouquets are always an option, why not try on a flower crown to add a little extra oomph to your look?




bridal statement necklace



Statement Necklace


Many brides decide to do something metallic or sparkly with their wedding jewelry, but we love the look of a bright statement necklace as a point of interest and splash of color.




organge wedding shoes



Fancy Footwork


Shoes make an outfit. Especially if they happen to be just the right shade to give your wedding look the “pop” you were looking for.




pink bridal clutch





A bouquet can’t hold you car keys and phone, can it? A bridal clutch is actually a very practical accessory and one that you can definitely highlight with bold colors and textures. This pastel pink is still very bridal, but this is one place it’s easy to customize with any color you want.




wedding dress with red



Dress it Up


Oh, hello! Isn’t that red tulle a pretty surprise?! If you want something fun, yet at first glance traditional, playing around with what goes along with the dress might just be your cup of tea.




blue wedding hat



Princess Kate Vibes


Your wedding day is a chance for you to “princess out” but no one said it had to be in the form of a princess ball gown. Channel your inner Princess Kate and don a little, bright hat which will make you a fashion icon among your friends for years to come.