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11 Stunning Striped Wedding Ideas

11 Stunning Striped Wedding Ideas

Sometimes, a simple pattern can make your wedding decor really pop. Dynamic wedding ideas–in this case, stripes, can take dull table numbers and chairs to an entirely new level.

large bridal party

Bridesmaid Dresses

Stripes are a popular pattern often found in women’s dresses and are perfect for a casual wedding. And don’t let your beau’s groomsmen miss out on the fun; get them matching striped ties.

bold striped tapers

DIY Candlestick

While we’re sure that you could find striped candles, it’ll be a lot easier (and more fun) to make them yourself! All you need is black (or any color) paint and masking tape. You can make the stripes as thick or thin as you want.

floral and striped invitation

Modern Stationery

Start the striped theme off right, and begin with the invitations. While your guests may not think anything of it when first receiving your save the dates, once the ceremony date comes, they’ll be able to connect the dots.

striped bouquet ribbons

Bridesmaid Bouquets

Don’t worry, a striped pattern won’t clash with the vibrant color of your flowers. However, if your bridesmaids are already wearing striped dresses, you’ll want to make sure everything looks flawless once put together.

striped cake decor

Colorful Cake

Add a little flair to your cake. Wedding ideas like this one are as easy as buying some fabric or ribbon and adding it around the base of your cake. And instead of picking colors that match your cake exactly, opt for a complimentary color to make your cake pop!

striped ceiling decor

Dramatic Decor

So we aren’t positive if this counts as stripes, but it looks awesome! Adding sheets or fabric to decorate the ceiling instantly spruces up a drab or empty room.

striped table runner

Table Decor

Whether it’s the napkins, plates or menus, adding this pattern to the dinner portion of your reception is an easy way to weave stripes into your big day.

striped photo backdrop

Photobooth Backdrop

Do you have the perfect hashtag for your wedding? Well then you definitely need a stellar striped background to match! Use it for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, reception, or all three.

striped nail manicure

Golden Nails

Small wedding ideas matter just as much as large ones. While your nails won’t be very visible when saying “I do,” the attention to detail will leave guests quite impressed when they get a closer look.

striped drinking straws

Patterned Goodies

Straws, cups, candy for the road, whatever it is, wrap it in stripes! And if you’re wondering, chevron stripes totally count.

striped aisle runner

Striking Entrance

Strut down the aisle in striped style on your big day. This is the perfect finishing touch to your modern ceremony.