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12 Pictures of Cool Wedding Aisle Runners

12 Pictures of Cool Wedding Aisle Runners



Want to add some insta-style to your ceremony?  The simplest way is a cool aisle runner. Here are some fabulous choices for your own wedding.





Above, a bold pattern can completely makeover a space. This striped runner bordered by bright pink petals gives this courtyard venue a colorful new look.





Sometimes a runner can also serve a practical purpose. We love this hardwood runner (above) for an outdoor wedding with a built-in contingency plan for muddy weather.







Are you a big fan of all things shimmering?  These golden runners are just for you, then!  Although, we do want to mention a word of caution for these heavily textured runners (whether they have silk petals or sequins): Watch your dress.  If you are wearing a long wedding dress, the fabric might catch or snag on the runner, hindering a smooth walk down the aisle. For brides wearing shorter or a-line dresses, however, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you want the best of both worlds, purchase a glitter fabric for your runner, instead of one that features embellishment.





Give your relaxed event even more of a boho vibe with a smattering of cool rugs. As a bonus, you can use them in your new home for years after the wedding!  Because this ‘runner’ is a bit uneven, make sure to practice in your rehearsal with your wedding day shoes to prevent tripping at the main event.







We’re pretty much head over heels for wordy runners. Write messages featuring your favorite romantic quotes, excerpts of love letters to each other, or even your own vows.





The words don’t need to extend all the way down the runner. This navy option (below) featured an apt quote for a travel-themed wedding for a couple suffering from an incurable case of wanderlust.







Of course, nothing beats a classic. A simple white runner dusted with petals or eucalyptus leaves (above) makes a very pretty statement.


Some couples want to personalize their runner with their names or monogram. Especially if you are on uneven ground (such as the sand at this beach wedding below), make sure to really compact the ground beneath and secure as much as possible so that your design doesn’t get crinkled.





If you are a bride in need of a DIY project, one of our favorite aisle runners for a casual wedding is this scrapbook style example below. Starting with their first date, the bride glides towards her groom over the significant moments in their relationship, ending with their wedding date at the altar. Cheesy?  Yes. Still love it? Absolutely.





Nervous about your walk down the aisle?  Brides with anxiety about being the center of attention will benefit from these helpful tips.




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