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20 Wedding Exits for Modern Couples

20 Wedding Exits for Modern Couples

These 20 exit ideas will create a getaway that you’ll remember forever. 

Your wedding transportation needs are going to be determined by the locations of your ceremony, reception, and accommodations. If you’re having a destination wedding, for example, where everyone will be staying in the same resort and the ceremony and reception will take place there too, you don’t have a lot to worry about in terms of transportation. However, for most couples, figuring out how to get themselves, their wedding party, and sometimes their guests from point A to B is high on their list of planning priorities. If you want to travel in style on your wedding day, consider some of the following alternatives to the traditional limousine:

Scooter: Say bon voyage to your wedding guests as you speed away on this gorgeously decorated scooter.

Motorcycle: Channel your inner daredevil and hop on a motorcycle with your new hubby.

Bikes: Good for the environment and a cuteness overload, riding bicycles together is a great summer wedding exit.

Sail Boat: Ahoy! Grab your first mate and step aboard for a nautical exit.

Row Boat: Row, row, row your boat right into the gorgeous sunset.

Paddle Board: Paddle off into the horizon for a fun mini workout and a bonding experience that you will both remember forever.

Surfboard: Saying your vows and catching waves sounds like the perfect end to a beach lovers’ ceremony.

Horse and Carriage: Live happily ever after with this fairy tale wedding exit.

Vintage Car: This is an original and interesting alternative to the limo, and logistically it’s just as simple. Look on for a classic car company in your area, to provide fun and fancy transportation on your big day.

Go Kart: Just because you’re newlyweds doesn’t mean you can’t have fun like little kids in these go karts!

Truck: A country wedding isn’t complete without a pair of cowboy boots and a pickup truck.

Little Pink Car: What’s not to love about cute little pink cars and a bunch of balloons?

VW Bus: There is no better way to travel on your cross country honeymoon than in a spacious and stylish VW bus.

Ski Lift: Getting married on a mountain? Why not take a ski lift to and from the ceremony to enjoy the view!

Snowboards: Strap in and head down the mountain in style.

Sled: This is a very romantic and old-fashioned option for the bride and groom’s arrival and departure from the wedding ceremony and/or reception. If you’re planning a snowy winter wedding, you could even use a sleigh! How picturesque.

Double Decker Bus: If you have to move a large group of people, this is an especially good choice. It might not be as glamorous as a sleek white limo, but what could be more fun than having all your friends and loved ones together, full of bubbly social lubricant, riding around in a bus with a designated driver? I say that this is a guaranteed good time, and a very safe and efficient people mover.

Train: Involve your bridal party and jump on the caboose of an old train for the perfect photo opportunity.

Subway: Public transportation is a totally acceptable way to get to and from your ceremony and reception if you live in a big city.

Run: Sometimes the perfect getaway is to hold hands and just run!

If you and your partner have a particular interest that lends itself to a creative transportation option, go with it! If you’re bikers, consider riding a tandem off into the sunset. Motorcycle lovers? Have the groom squire his bride away in a vintage sidecar (or vice versa!). Naked rollerblading enthusiasts? Put your clothes on and take a limo, for Pete’s sake.

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