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25 Lavender Wedding Details

25 Lavender Wedding Details




Find inspiration among these stunning lavender wedding details.






Now that summer is in full swing, we are loving the romantic and ethereal feel of lavender. So, grab a seat and get lost in these 25 gorgeous photos of lavender wonder. When it comes to wedding color palettes, there are so many amazing options to choose for your big day.  Lavender is one of those colors that instantly brightens up a room and smells great too!





Is there anything more romantic than standing in a field of lavender with the one you love? The versatile herb looks great in rustic bouquets and, as a bonus, keeps away the bugs in the summertime.  Because of the long stem and beautiful purple hue, lavender is a great herb to add a pop of color into your DIY bouquets like the ones below.





Another great place to add the color of lavender into your wedding is the bridesmaid dresses. Mix and match with lighter and darker purples (above) to create a truly unique look. Or, aim for a more cohesive style with the bridesmaids in long lavender dresses and the groomsmen in gray suits (below).





When it comes to dressing the guys, they may be a little more adverse to wearing all light purple. Compromise by decking them out in some sweet lavender suspenders (above) or by adding a little lavender to their boutonnieres. They’ll thank you for the stylish details that aren’t so in-your-face purple.





Your guy looks great, your wedding party looks great, now it’s time to focus on you! Pastel wedding dresses have been trending this year and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. They look stunning at garden and vineyard weddings and give brides a unique twist on the traditional wedding gown.  These two lavender dresses below will convince you that pastel wedding dresses aren’t just a spring fling.





Look great from head to toe with these sweet and simple lavender accessories. Floral crowns (above, left) are a summer staple and creating one with lavender will keep you feeling relaxed and beautiful on your big day. If you’re looking still looking for that special bridal party gift, look no further! These lavender heart shaped earrings (above, right) are perfect.  Pair them with a pair of lavender slide-on flats (below, left) and your bridesmaids (and their feet!) will thank you.



Don’t forget about your nails! Add a little touch of lavender to your bridal manicure for a sophisticated and modern look.





Sprigs of lavender look great at vineyard weddings. Tie them into your place settings or fill a vintage wooden box to display your escort cards. If your wedding reception is indoors, add a little lavender to your centerpieces to make the whole room smell ah-mazing!





Now to the favorite part of any wedding: dessert. From a modern twist on the tiered buttercream cake to a tower or macaroons, lavender adds an enchanted feel to your dessert table.



Bridal showers will never be the same after you make these lemon lavender tea cakes (below, right) or lemon filled lavender cupcakes. Your guests will be begging you to bring these to every event thereafter!





Summer is the perfect time to add a little twist into your signature cocktails. Cool and refreshing, your guests will soon forget the hot weather after they take a sip of one of these lavender blueberry mojitos or lavender vodka lemonades. Cheers!






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