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3 Barn Wedding Decor Questions

Although barn weddings are often most popular during the summer, they are one of our favorite venues for fall. Cozy on a crisp day, barn weddings are warm, casual, and friendly.

How should I decorate with such tall ceilings?

Barns are normally large open spaces with high ceilings, which is an intimidatingly blank space. Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to properly fill the room.

Bring the outdoors in with wagon wheel chandeliers covered in ivy (above). With the exposed beams and plank floors, this barn didn’t need much decor to be stunning!


If there are enough beams to run string lights, they are a budget-friendly and simple way to light up your venue.  If you have two levels to your barn, enhance the area above by hanging lights on clusters of tall branches (above, right).

For barns with lower ceilings, use pretty chandeliers instead. This barn below uses a combination of large string lights and a crystal chandelier.

For barns with extremely high ceilings, like the barn below, focus less on filling up the whole space and instead create smaller spaces.  With this barn, they draped fabric and used poms to make the impressive venue feel cozier.

Colorful bunting is also a classic rustic wedding detail that looks so pretty in photos. Use flags in your palette along with string lights to help shrink your venue.

What are some easy projects to create a rustic vibe?

Barn weddings are known for their relaxed atmosphere and country-inspired details. There are plenty of simple projects to help support your rustic theme. Below, display your seating chart on a twine line with clothespins.

Hit up the local thrift stores and flea markets to find vintage crates for your sweet table. You can display your goodies at different heights on a basic wooden board perched over two large barrels (below).

Don’t overlook the effect of a simple curtain. Hung over the barn’s entrance, this linen curtain makes a terrific backdrop for photos.

How do I create simple table decorations without being too plain?

A rustic barn wedding normally doesn’t have a lot of bold decor.  But you also don’t want to be boring. Avoid this by picking a few details and use them throughout your reception. This tablescape below uses burlap for the runner and napkins in a matching color. To sweeten it up, each napkin also features a cute bunting.

This barn reception below uses plenty of wildflowers on top of burlap sacks (such as the ones you can find for coffee or feed).

For a homespun effect you can use yards of raw-edged calico fabric as a linens over cocktail tables.

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