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3 Orange Wedding Color Palettes

3 Orange Wedding Color Palettes




Orange is such a cheerful color, symbolizing optimism and radiating warmth.   Here, we have orange weddings 3 ways with purple, aqua, and white.



Orange & Purple


This is a deep pairing, combing two rich colors in a variety of different shades. When going darker with one, go lighter with the other. For example, this deep orange on the invitation suite above would compete too much with an eggplant shade. Instead, this smart couple opted to go orchid.  Similarly, the darker purple tie goes so well with a yellow-orange boutonniere.  Peppier combinations like melon and plum hues as in this bridal bouquet blend perfectly.












Coral shades that are more than orange than pink are among the most popular used in orange weddings. This gorgeous rose bridesmaid bouquet is highlighted beautifully against the elegant backdrop of royal purple (below).





Orange & Aqua


There might be no more happy color palette than orange and aqua.  It’s bright and festive and light, instantly airy and very sweet.  Just look at how this charming vintage dress with aqua Swiss dot fabric complements this orange bouquet!  For grooms that don’t want pink and brides that want a feminine palette, this is a terrific compromise.













Orange and aqua is also a palette uniquely suited to a wide variety of wedding themes. Because the aqua color can blend almost monochromatically with succulents, this soft sunset combination for Southwestern weddings is very popular.  Vintage weddings also are lovely with these colors with ruffly peonies and fun patterns such as the above cake and invitation.




Orange & White


As delicious as a creamsicle, orange and white is an elegant and traditional wedding color palette.  The bright pop of color against a white canvas makes for a cool combo on a summer afternoon.  Below, this dip dyed wedding dress is just amazing, isn’t it?  For brides that want to embrace more color, but still favor a white wedding dress, you can’t beat this modern style!








This white bridal bouquet is brightened up with several orange ranunculus and pale coral garden roses (above).  Below, this otherwise simple white wedding cake becomes the reception statement piece with this stunning oversized, orange-tipped, fondant flower.







To avoid making your orange and white wedding too overpowering, make sure to frequently break up the orange with white details. For example, the runner below is placed on simple white linens.  The orange centerpieces feature a few strategically placed white roses, and the larger arrangements at the end of the table have more white than orange flowers.










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