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3 Red Wedding Color Palettes

3 Red Wedding Color Palettes


Red is the ultimate color for bold and vibrant weddings. Representing passion, love, and intensity, it’s also a color perfectly suited for such a romantic event.  However, as with any hue, red can create different moods when placed with other colors. Here we show you red with 3 popular complementary colors to help you find the perfect palette for your scarlet affair!



Red and White


This is probably the most popular red color combo, so you will have no problem finding everything from bridesmaid dresses to invitations (because, yes, practicality counts) in a wide variety of styles.  You can choose to go bolder by using red as the primary color (above is a perfect example, especially for a holiday wedding) or you can play it down by using red as an accent in a sea of white.  Below, this menu shows the softer side of this color pairing, by using a muted red ink on a white backdrop.








Use this classic palette to play around with patterns and texture. This houndstooth pocket square makes a dapper statement (above) on a groom in a dark suit.


Below, add texture to your white linens and amp up the power of your red centerpieces by incorporating a mirrored table runner.  If you choose to use candles it will also increase the glow on the tables!  If you are opting to use red as your accent, use it smartly. This fondant heart wedding cake featured just two red hearts as a thoughtful nod to the couple.









Red and Aqua


This color palette was all the rage a few years back and is still incredibly popular because of its cheerful vibe.  It looks best when the colors are equally vibrant, and the red has a cherry undertone.  As you can see, not only does it work for summer weddings, but can even be a great palette for holiday events (below).  These aqua mercury vases filled with red flowers look gorgeous alongside the ornament favors.








Red and aqua can be used equally well in both traditional or retro-themed weddings. Above, this fetching invitation is sophisticated and chic. Below, this sundae bar is all about the fun (and the kids will go nuts over this brightly-colored sweet station).






Red and Gray


If you want your color palette to be sophisticated and elegant, go red and gray.  Because this color combo looks equally great with all different shades of red and gray, make sure to experiment to find your favorite. Darker grays create a moodier, warmer atmosphere, whereas the chilly brightness of a silvery gray can enhance a festive holiday wedding.











Red and gray is also a massive hit with grooms who might be less than thrilled with a white tux and bubblegum pink bow tie.  This light gray suit with muted brick red tie is a masculine and stylish combination.







Gray is such a great backdrop for a modern wedding. Above, this typography-friendly invite is perfectly highlighted with the most crucial information in red text.  Below, use gray in everything from your wedding bouquet’s ‘greenery’ to richly textured linens to set off against powerful shades of red.






Which palette is your favorite?






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