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5 Popular Fall Wedding Themes

5 Popular Fall Wedding Themes

When it comes to fall wedding themes, there are so many creative ones to choose from. We’ve brought together examples of the top 5 most popular themes, from elegant to playful and everything in between.


Today we focus primarily on how to help translate these exciting fall wedding themes directly to your table decor. A veritable bounty of ideas and details, this round-up will help you plan your own autumn tablescapes.









Nothing quite fits a September wedding date quite as well as a back-to-school theme. Maybe it’s the inevitable (and perfectly in season) apples. Or perhaps what we all really want is to experience the magic of the first day of school again. Whatever it is, this theme is charming and nostalgic.


Use the aforementioned apples on your tables to reinforce table numbers, or even utilize them on your welcome table as delightful photo holders (above).  You can either insert them directly into the apple via a thin cut in the top, or you could use those handy-dandy caramel apple sticks (and if you have to buy a couple of bags of caramels to get them, so be it).








Of course, school-themed centerpieces wouldn’t be complete without the requisite stack of books and chalkboard accents (above).  You can either use your own favorite books, or go to a used book store and find covers that you think are visually appealing.


When it comes to decorating your buffet tables, take sack lunch in a more grown-up direction. Display baskets of beautifully-wrapped sandwiches and glass bottles of Coca-Cola atop Pendleton wool blankets for a high school football game vibe.








Fall Leaves


Probably the single most popular fall wedding theme is autumn leaves.  After all, if you live in an area that experiences a bright and vibrant fall season, leaves are all around.  They can also be a budget-friendly and eco-friendly way to decorate your tables.








These spray-painted gold leaves exude a magical glow. This is definitely autumn gone glam!  If you love this look you can either string them up and hang them as an installation as they have done above. Or you can simply spray paint each leaf in gold or bronze and use them as simple place cards or place setting decorations.


For a more traditional fall motif, use leaves right from outside and place them in the bottom of hurricane-style candle holders or strewn across the table, having them serve as a runner.








Of course, the simplest table decor for this theme is simply bring the branches in and letting the glorious colors of fall brighten up your tables.









Yup, October’s favorite theme has got to be Halloween.  And you would be surprised how easy it is for Halloween to go super chic (it’s not just for little kids and the goth set, people).  Keep things gorgeously glam by using lots of black with hints of red. And avoid anything super cheesy or gory (unless you love that sort of thing). So, decor concerning Linus looking for The Great Pumpkin or Freddy Krueger’s latest rampage should be saved for next year’s party, okay?









Black and red is such a popular and modern color palette for this fall wedding theme. Above, this couple loved ravens and paired them with glittery, sequined table numbers and basic white candles. Want to go just a wee tiny bit Gothic?  Use red roses and black accents in your floral design–it will read just the right amount of moody romance.








If you prefer a more whimsical take on this spooky holiday, use black with purple (below). It’s a little bit brighter and more playful.  For example, this couple used black candelabras and bright purple candles on their sweet table.







Jewel Toned Sophistication


Deep jewel tones of amber, emerald, sapphire, and garnet create the most elegant of autumn tablescapes. You can layer colors (kick plain old white to the curb on just about everything) to elicit a rich and sumptuous atmosphere.








Above, use different elements to highlight the jewel tones in your tablescape. The herringbone-patterned wool flowers play off so well against the garnet-hued goblets. And tiny little bronze leaves add texture and extra color to every place setting.


Colored glass is a really simple way to make sure your jewel tones stand out. Use deep topaz vases and emerald goblets, or just find a smorgasbord of colors.  But to keep it from looking like an estate sale, make sure to blend in lots of natural elements, like moss and other greenery, dahlias, and branches.










If you want green to be the focal color on your table, just use small colored glass vases and sprigs of color in each arrangement (above).  Otherwise, keep your glasses clear and your table linens in cream.









From pumpkins to wheat, early autumn is all about harvest season.  And this fall wedding theme allows for so much variety and texture.  Below, this wheat and moss centerpiece is simple, clean, and modern. And a charity favor card looks perfectly at home balanced inside this nut.








Of course, pumpkins are the most popular of all fall decor accoutrements. You can go for a lush, bountiful cornucopia full of pumpkins, squash, candles, and sunflowers. Or you can try more of a modern aesthetic as with these white pumpkins wrapped in berries. Both look lovely and are seamlessly incorporated into an autumn tablescape.








Although these mini pumpkins (below) are shown displaying cheese signage, they would make fantastic place card holders.







Wheat centerpieces are certainly less colorful than some of the other decor we’ve looked at today, but for those wanting something seasonal and rustic chic, it’s a great option. Paired with linen, it’s such a relaxing and peaceful decor element. If you want the wheat to be the centerpiece, wrap together large bunches and light the table with votives. But if you just want a little touch, this wheat place setting looks elegant and refined against classic dinnerware.











What will your autumn tablescape look like?




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