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5 Summer Wedding Color Palettes to Inspire You

5 palettes that we think are particularly sensational for summer weddings.


Modern weddings in neon palettes look so electric in the summer. These colors pop with a white background or in the bright sunshine, so consider this scheme to create a fun vibe for a loft or beach wedding.  Especially if you want your wedding to feel less like a formal event and more like the most epic party of the year, searingly bright neons are definitely the way to go.


Yellow & Gray

On the other end of the spectrum, the subtle palette of yellow and gray looks refined and cheerful in warm weather months.  These colors are so versatile that they can be incorporated into nearly any theme, from modern to rustic.  Bridesmaids will love wearing gray dresses because they can find always find a way to wear them again (we’re looking at you, radiant orchid). Choose a paler buttercup yellow if you want a more peaceful palette, and juicier lemon yellows for a more vibrant color scheme.


Peach & Mint

An extremely popular palette over the last few years, peach and mint matches perfectly with traditional and vintage events.  Muted and chic, this palette will feel relaxing and cool on a hot summer day.  This is an ultra-feminine palette, perfect for a bride that wants a romantic and sweet event. And as a bonus, succulents work well with a mint palette (and our love of the mighty succulent is well-documented on this blog).

Berries & Wines

Granted, this rich jewel-toned palette could work well during any season, but we think it can be so luscious and indulgent in a late summer wedding. Ripe berries and deeply colored flowers are all around right now, so why not use them?  Because of how opulent this palette can feel, save it for more formal weddings in themes like woodsy-chic, Art Deco, and museum events.


Navy & Kelly Green

Preppy weddings have all kinds of terrific palettes to choose from, but this is definitely one of our favorites. The deep color saturation of this palette is dramatic, but classic.  Whether you are having a lawn reception complete with croquet, or a yacht club wedding with a nautical theme, this should be a contender for your color scheme choice.  Your groom will love it because it is a combo that doesn’t involve him wearing a bubblegum pink bowtie, and you will be happy you chose it because of all the preppy details you can include with it (grosgrain ribbon, anyone?).


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