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Beautiful Pomegranate Wedding Arrangements and Ideas

Beautiful Pomegranate Wedding Arrangements and Ideas



When looking for a source of inspiration for your wedding arrangement, look no further than your fruit bowl!



pomegranate wedding arrangement



Tablescape Central


Let the pomegranate wedding arrangements be the central theme of your wedding. You can’t go wrong with these naturally beautiful, jewel-toned fruits which can be a source of inspiration for the rest of your décor, from the color scheme to the flavor of the wedding cake.




pomegranate rosemeary spritzer



Start with a Drink


Bring this party to a whole new level of sophistication with a pomegranate rosemary spritzer. The floating red pomegranate seeds liven up the drink with both their color and their fruity, sweet flavor.




pomegranate wedding bouquet



Bridal Bouquet


We love how subtly this pomegranate has been incorporated into this bride’s bouquet. The roundness and amazing jewel tone color is the perfect complement to the already stunning assortment of flowers.




pomegranate boutonniere



Boutonniere Style


We can’t let the brides have all the fun! Grooms can also rock this whimsical, fruity pomegranate trend by adding it to their boutonnieres.




pomegranate flower crown



Flower (& Fruit) Crown


Pomegranates can get heavy, so if you are looking to incorporate them into your bridal flower crown, consider adding a couple of realistic-looking faux pomegranates to your vibrant floral accessory. It’s amazing how realistic a faux flower arrangement like this can look.




simple pomegranate centerpiece



Minimalist Approach


If you are aiming to stay minimalist with your approach to wedding décor, consider the simple beauty of a few vibrant pomegranates along with a spread of eucalyptus leaves. It’s also something to remember when you’re hosting your first few dinner parties as newlyweds!




pomegranate wedding aisle



Lining the Aisle


Instead of candles or flowers, line your aisle to the altar with pommies, adding the ideal pop of color without being overwhelmingly red. Don’t they just give a balanced look to the overall décor at this ceremony venue?




pomegranate table numbers



Table Numbers


Pomegranates have a relatively smooth rind, perfect for writing on! We’ve seen some fabulous uses for pomegranates as wedding arrangements, table numbers, place cards, and more.




pomegranate wedding arrangements



Fruity Decor


Give your pomegranates the attention they deserve by encasing them in beautiful glass cloches. It’s a simple touch that elevates the allure of this sumptuous fruit.




pomegranate pavlova



Pommie Pavlova


Are you looking for more personal desserts to serve apart from just wedding cake? This pomegranate, raspberry, and citrus pavlova is an elegant and beautiful addition to any sweets table. Yum!