Wedding Planning

Bird Details for Your Wedding

From using birdcages to stow cards from guests to placing little lovebirds atop buttercream confections, birds are a sweet spring theme for a romantic wedding day.

Long before anyone was putting ‘a bird on it’ on Portlandia, bird details were popular at weddings. 

One of our favorite details in this trend is the use of decorative bird’s nests in centerpieces and tablescapes.  Above, nests dotted with tiny flowers and faux robin’s eggs look perfectly pretty under large glass bell jars. For more rustic weddings, you can use plainer nests (below, right) spread sporadically across a burlap table runner.


You can use the same type of nest to give to your ring bearer to carry the rings during his march down the aisle, either with birds (below) or just lined with plenty of mossy greenery (above, left).

We love the look of woodsy bird’s nests on top of cakes. For a springtime wedding cake with lots of colors, use greenery and flowers in addition to your nests (above).  Go very green by decorating with moss (below, left), or just simple and stripped down with a gray nest on top (below, right).


Modern weddings can be for the birds, too. This green watercolor invite above features two tiny birdies to tell your guests all about your big event. Below, traditional and vintage weddings could be announced with a whimsical sketch.

Birdcages are one of the most popular wedding details. For a garden event, use vertical space by creating a hanging installation of birdcages filled with ivy and flowers. Or scour thrift stores and estate sales to find mismatched vintage birdcages as your large centerpiece at each table (below).

You can also use birdcages to contain your centerpieces. For a more wild and woodsy vibe, bring the flowers out of the cage. For a ladylike tea party, keep bright blooms smaller and inside colored cages.


If you just want to use this trend in one place, find a great ‘statement’ birdcage and use it on your welcome table or to hold cards from guests. This stunning antique copper cage is decorated with a few pink ranunculus.

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