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Bright and Sunny Yellow Inspiration

Bright and Sunny Yellow Inspiration



Maybe it is waiting for next week when that pesky groundhog will let us know just how much more of this we have to put up with, but I’m in the mood for the springiest of colors: yellow.  Whether a creamy buttercup or a bright lemon, yellow cheers all things up.






Depending upon what color you want to pair it with, you might prefer your yellow very bold or very muted. Here are a few examples to help you along the way!


Above is a color board filled with paler yellow inspiration in the shade of buttercup.  It goes especially well with brighter citrus tones like orange, as well as grays and crisp white. Tip: Don’t pair it with cream. There isn’t enough of a difference between the two shades, and your details won’t ‘pop’ as much as they otherwise would.





But maybe muted just isn’t your thing. Maybe you like yellow big and bold and in your face.  In that case, consider a lemon yellow.  It makes a bright statement against darker shades like charcoals and navy (my favorite combo).








Credits: Daisy Cupcakes//Buttercup Bridesmaids//Shoes and Laces//Tie and Boutonniere//Table Number//Chevron Invites//Lemons in Vase//Yellow and White Floral//Yellow Rose Centerpiece