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Elegant Emerald Green Wedding Details

Elegant Emerald Green Wedding Details



Find jewel tone inspiration here for your chic affair.



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Illustrated Wedding Invitations


You can make emerald green work for a variety of wedding themes and venues. Although it is often used in grand ballroom events, it also blends in beautifully at a garden wedding.




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Chic Bridesmaid Dresses


Frankly, this knife-pleated gown would be gorgeous no matter what the color. But in a rich shade of emerlad green? It’s utter perfection.



emerald green 3



Party Shoes


Want to wear something emerald green, but still want a traditional white dress? Try a pair of snazzy shoes that you can show off later when you hit the dance floor.




emerald green 4



Rustic Style


Emerald goes rustic with this handsome groom attire. He layered a green plaid shirt with a neutral tweed jacket to create a fetching outfit for a casual wedding.




emerald green 5



Lush Greenery Bouquets


If you want to strictly adhere to a monochromatic emerald green palette, you may hit a snag when you check out traditional bouquets. Skip the blooms and opt for an all-greenery arrangement with dark leaves and fronds representing your chosen shade.




emerald green 6



Natural Backdrops


You can also use greenery to make memorable photo backdrops. Have your friends and family pose in front of a pretty tree, or attach leaves to a wall to give it your own creative touch.




emerald green 7



Modern Pops of Color


We love the look of this modern wedding table with emerald green seat cushions and place settings. The shade doesn’t overwhelm the room, and also enhances the beautiful wood table.




emerald green 8



Sparkling Geode Cake


Geodes have been one of the biggest wedding trends lately. This stunning cake merges emerald green with rock candy to create a delicious statement.




emerald green 9



Layering Hues


Can’t get enough of green? Layer another green shade with emerald green to give added dimension to your decor. This place setting uses a bright shade of shamrock. Not all greens complement each other, though, so experiment before you finalize your selections.




emerald green 10



Glowing Combinations


One of the most popular colors to pair with emerald green is gold. The two colors immediately connote luxury and drama, as you can see with this glamorous Art Deco wedding reception.