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Engagement Party Inspiration: A Break Out The Bubbly Shoot from Host-it Notes

We’re totally over the moon with this gorgeous, engagement inspiration shoot!

Erin from Host-It Notes hosts the ultimate party blog, full of ideas, inspiration and DIY tutorials for just about every kind of party. This engagement inspiration shoot she’s put together exclusively for us! Swoon!

When a couple gets engaged, what’s the first thing you want to do after the initial hugs and congratulations are over? Raise a glass of something fizzy in their honor! Rather than make a beeline for the local bar, use this impulse as inspiration for a fun and fabulous engagement party. I used champagne-themed touches and DIY projects to capture the excitement in a Break Out the Bubbly engagement party shoot for all of you. Here’s how to make one happen:

Serve champagne, prosecco, or your favorite sparkling wine. Be sure to offer guests the option of a non-alcoholic alternative, but feel free to keep it carbonated. Offer up a few appetizers and desserts.

The most bubbly of sweets? A towering croquembouche! A croquembouche is a pyramid or cone of round, cream-filled puffs, each dipped in hot caramel to create a crackling outer shell. Each bite is fluffy, crunchy and creamy all in one. Plus, a croquembouche makes for a lovely centerpiece. Other treats can include champagne truffles, cupcakes, or salty snacks to offset a sweet champagne.

Table accents include gold-painted champagne bottles (just grab a can of metallic spray paint), decorative glasses and flutes, and, my favorite, bowls full of bubbles. For this arrangement I filled a ceramic pedestal bowl with glass ornaments in a variety of sizes. Remove their caps and tuck the tops down into the center of the display. The end result looks like a bowl brimming with bubbles—perfect for the day’s theme!

For a backdrop along a wall or window, create a champagne cork wreath. I took a straw wreath found at any craft store and used a hot glue gun to cover its surface with corks. Couples who have already done an engagement photo shoot can display their new pics here as well. To create the hanging cork pin look, cut a champagne cork in half. I used a table saw, but be sure to clamp the corks down for safety before you begin cutting. Glue each cork half to either side of a small clothespin. Voila! Instant custom clothespins for displaying your photos.

Cheers to a great celebration!
Photography: Nissa Nicole Photography
Glass ornaments and cake stand: Save-On Crafts
Champagne corks: eBay
Cupcakes: Cups and Cakes
Invitations: Cho Andrzejewski