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Ethereal Cabin Wedding Inspiration

Ethereal Cabin Wedding Inspiration

Have you ever pictured anything more intimate and magical than a cabin wedding? It’s time to bring the vision to life with some wedding inspiration set in a cozy forest setting.

fireplace backdrop

The Perfect Backdrop

A stone fireplace is a cool backdrop for the exchange of vows in a cabin setting. The flickering, warm light illuminating your loved one’s face will make their eyes shine even brighter as you both promise to make your love the number one priority in your lives.

vintage wedding dress

The Ideal Dress

Soft, vintage, and just the right amount of lacy, not every wedding dress is ideal for a cabin wedding. Choose flowing fabrics, simple shapes, and pretty draping over stiff taffeta or layers upon layers of tulle.

cabin wedding groom

The Relaxed Groom

An outdoorsy cabin wedding is no place for a tuxedo, so grooms can easily forget about the cuff links and the stuffy jackets and get comfortable. But don’t get too relaxed! This groom seems to have the balance just right.

outdoor cabin wedding

Indoor and Outdoor

Depending on the weather, you can plan your cabin wedding in a way to accommodate for a greater number of people by having an indoor and outdoor component. A clearing in the woods with the cabin in the background is enough- don’t feel pressure to fit all your loved ones inside for a meal and some dancing.

intimate cabin wedding

Intimate Celebration

On the other hand, having a tiny venue gives you the chance to really limit your guest list without having to make excuses. We can already picture the delightful dinner that the newlyweds will share here with their loved ones.

mountain wedding

Vibrant Blooms

There’s something so rich and moody about the colors of the forest. The dark greens, the weathered wood, the texture of moss all play into this earth-toned setting. Brighten it all up with a pop of color courtesy of a vibrant bouquet or flower crown.

classy cabin wedding

As You Like It

Everyone has their own vision of their cabin wedding, and though some might opt for plaid tablecloths to make it that much cozier, others might still want to glam it up a bit with the décor. It makes for a beautiful contrast that somehow works perfectly.

well lit cabin wedding


Cabins aren’t usually well-lit places, so don’t forget to pack those string light bulbs for a twinkle effect that will lend to creating a welcoming and inviting environment.

rustic drifttwood sign

Rustic Signs

This sign might be showing how far guests have come from to witness this important event. However, signs like this with different information like a schedule, menu, or even directions to the venue, add some rustic charm to the whole event.

smore cart

Give Us S’more!

The menu should reflect the theme and context of the reception. So once you are done warming up with some lovely stews or a wild-caught fish entrée, treat your guests to the ultimate cabin dessert- s’mores! If you can’t get your hands on an adorable cart, set out a “s’more bar” table and let the guests make their own over a bonfire.

wood inspired wedding cake

Themed Cake

Wedding cakes are always a fun way to close the circle on the event that you have been planning so carefully. Choose a cake design that fits your cabin theme, reflecting the natural environment and the unique aspects of your relationship.

coaster wedding favors


Allow your guests to take a part of the cabin experience home with these wooden coasters. Practical but unique, expect to see them in full-rotation at future parties in your friends’ houses.