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Farm Wedding Ideas

Farm Wedding Ideas



With peaceful simplicity and easy styling, these farm wedding ideas showcase the best of this theme, from beautiful vistas to yummy, local desserts.






Few things are lovelier than a farm wedding. Giving guests a chance to breathe in the country air and take a break from the hustle and bustle makes a farm wedding feel like a real treat.




Find the right farm for your event.


People often confuse farm weddings with barn weddings (although, certainly, they can be one in the same) and assume that a big red venue is a necessity to this theme. Nope. From underneath gigantic trees (above) to an out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere field, you can choose just about any setting for your farm wedding. Pick one that reflects your style and the mood you want to set at your event.





Keep your people happy.


Farm weddings normally mean a whole lot of time outdoors, walking in the sunshine and hoping your skirt doesn’t blow up in the breeze. Make sure your wedding party is dressed in a way that is comfortable and makes sense for the location. Don’t choose short, billowy dresses. Instead go with something streamlined, like a basic a-line dress in a natural, breathable fabric like cotton.  Especially if your wedding is in the grass, you will want to make sure that your bridesmaids wear wedge heels rather than pumps. Otherwise, your bridal party is bound to sink into the field like a bunch of flamingo lawn ornaments.  Flower girls will love a dress they can play in (below), so find something simple in cotton.  If your wedding is in the summer, have the fellas wear seersucker suits or no jackets to your wedding. Wool and a summer farm wedding is not a terrific combo.









Don’t over-think your centerpieces.


At a farm wedding, nothing should be on your tables that you can’t find growing close by. Use decor that reflects the season and crops with where you are at. Above, sweet citrus-hued zinnias make a charming farm-to-table centerpiece with ripe cherries in the bottom of the vase.  For a summer wedding, use single blooms with lots of greenery to create a line-up of glass vases down a long family-style table.  Keep your place settings simple. This isn’t a theme that incorporates fussy or overly-styled very well.





Towards autumn, use leaves, artichokes, and fresh apples to reflect what’s available at the farm (below), and the changing seasons.






You don’t have to use flowers. Use greenery, branches, or herbs with candles to create a steamlined tablescape statement. You can also use veggies or fruit straight out of the garden for a splash of color!









Design your wedding around your location.


When it comes to true farm weddings, it’s all about the proximity of produce and available ingredients. Everything else can flow around those things. Serve a picnic style reception with local flavors and modern lunch sacks (above) for the perfect laidback afternoon. Hand out favors that you make yourself or purchase from local farmers, such as jam(below) and honey. Decorate with fabric that goes with your wedding colors or vibe.










Like your food, make sure your dessert reflects the local bounty and the region’s most notable crops.  Top a traditional buttercream cake with berries in the Northwest (above) or serve mini-pies with a slew of fillings, from rhubarb to peach in the South (below).








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