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Gray Wedding Details That Are Anything But Boring

Gray Wedding Details That Are Anything But Boring



Though the weather may be a bit drab depending on where you live, these gray wedding details are anything but.


Dive into a sea of gray with these fun and flirty gray wedding ideas that will instantly make you rethink your rainy day association with the color.





Gray bridesmaid dresses look great in every season. They are the perfect muted color to accompany pale pastels or bright bouquets.  By adding intricate details such as the beaded dress below, you will give your bridesmaids a more vintage look that is absolutely stunning.





If you are completely over the white buttercream wedding cake, we hear you. Spice up your three tiers with some watercolor layers and a hint of calligraphy (above) or go full-on ruffles like this gray and white ombre cake (below).





When it comes to table decor, gray is the perfect color to experiment with in your color palette. It adds a soft balance to both dark and light colors without being too harsh or attention grabbing.





We have a thing for colored wedding dresses. If going pink or black isn’t your style, try a more subtle color like gray. The bride above uses a gray sash to transform her already unique dress into a a dreamy vision. Or, you can skip the white dress all together and go for a gray version of your favorite style like the modern bride below.





Want to stick with the white dress but are ready to be adventurous with your accessories? These gorgeous gray wedding shoes with heels adorned with gold leaves and pearls are the perfect go-to. They are soft and demure with a little bit of attitude as you are walking away (the perfect bridal combination).





It’s true that invitations and save-the-dates set the tone for your wedding. Gray can be used in a fun and flirty way such as the bohemian calligraphy and watercolor invites above. Or, they can be used to create a more formal setting like the lace and peach suite below. Gray is one of those colors that complements pretty much any other color you can think of. You can use it heavily throughout your wedding color palette or as a color that is woven through sparingly to highlight others.





Grooms look good in gray. It’s just a fact. For a laid back destination wedding, the gentleman above nailed the relaxed suspender look with gray pants (and sunglasses) with the groom highlighted in a very light gray suit.


Bridesmaids aren’t the only ones who can have mismatched outfits. If your wedding is more formal, consider having the guys where different colored gray vests and bow ties for a little bit of contrast. Don’t worry about matching exactly because all grays look great together!










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