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How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Are you having a hard time actually choosing your wedding colors? You aren’t alone.  Here’s our advice for narrowing down your selection and choosing the right palette for your celebration.


If you also don’t have a specific theme in mind (vintage, retro, modern, etc.), it might help to think about what you want the mood of your event to be. Most couples may not have colors selected, and may not know whether or not they would prefer a garden or urban theme, but chances are, they have a vision for their wedding. Do you want the vibe of your event to be relaxed? Sophisticated? Festive? Playful? Romantic?

Colors can play a huge role in not just how things look, but in how they feel. Colors have the power to invigorate and relax us. If you know how you want guests to describe your wedding, move from that vision to your colors.  For example, if you are eager to plan the party of the year–full of loud music, laughter, and lots of good beer, you might want to consider the bright, cheery color palettes that go with fiesta-themed weddings (above). Juicy, bold colors will excite your guests and give your event that pop of happy you are looking for.

On the other hand, if you want your guests to be impressed by your wedding’s chic atmosphere and elegant vibe, brights probably aren’t the way to go. Consider soft, muted tones and touches of metallics, such as the ones used in the ballroom event below.


If you do have a theme in mind, you can probably eliminate a lot of potential color palettes. For example, vintage weddings normally don’t feature bold colors, and Halloween themes don’t usually use pastels.  Now, keep in mind, it’s fine if you have a navy blue fiesta wedding. You do you.  But if you need to have fewer options choosing a theme can really help.

Many themes have elements that will naturally give you one part of your palette. Rustic weddings, for example, often use burlap. Colors like blush, coral, and lavender blend well with this khaki-colored detail (above).

Modern weddings sing with bold details, so you might look for palettes that create juxtaposition, such as black and white. This bold palette is a stunner and is perfect for an evening wedding (below).


While you may not think that you have a favorite color, look around your home and in your closet. Is every sweater in an earth tone? Are you unable resist a bubblegum pink accent for your kitchen?  Our buying habits often reveal that we are more attracted to some colors than others.

In the end, it might be easier for you to eliminate what you don’t like to get to your chosen palette. Look though real weddings and Pinterest to find palettes that you don’t care for and check them off your list.

Still need help deciding? You can find plenty more color inspiration here.

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