Wedding Planning

Inspiring City Wedding Ideas

Plan a city wedding that’s entirely yours with this offbeat inspiration.

Are you looking for a cool idea for a city wedding? If you want to plan a city wedding that is out-of-the-ordinary, you should consider using social media or unusual venues. A slightly offbeat local or a signature building from your destination wedding city provides alternate ideas for the nuptials.

A Social Media Inspired Wedding

For a brash and upbeat affair, consider using social media to plan your wedding. Social media can tweet your message to large group of strangers, inform them of a flash event, and persuade them to join you to participate in your wedding. Schedule a flash mob at the corner of Wall St, NYC; Jack London Square, Oakland; or Duval Street, New Orleans. While the mob dances through the venue singing ‘Here Comes the Bride,’ or the song of your choice, strut down the path so you are center stage with the officiate and recite your vows.

Or, dress in your favorite character costume while attending Dragon or Comic Con, and instruct the flash mob to join in on the parade or square before saying your ‘I do’s’ at the convention.

A Romantic Wedding

If you desire a romantic wedding, then selection of the proper venue is a priority. Many cities have romantic spots known to the locals that you can use for your wedding. It may be a garden square, an historic building, famous mansion, or well-revered church. One suggestion includes an observatory that offers you the opportunity to hold your nuptials under the stars while the botanical gardens provide the sweet smelling perfume of exotic flowers and a lush backdrop for the ceremony.

A room in the art museum combines culture with your ceremony or a small intimate city garden lit with twinkle lights can create the ambiance you desire. If your city is close to the ocean or has a port, consider a small secluded beach for a private intimate wedding ceremony or a hotel ballroom by the port to accommodate a larger crowd.

A Wedding on the Rooftops

Shout your love to the world from the rooftops of your destination city. Rooftops bring in spectacular views of the city along with the feeling of floating in the air. Whether you choose a signature hotel, such as the Ritz Carlton, or select an architectural wonder of a building, such as Chicago’s glass walkway, these venues provide an exciting spot to say ‘I do.’

Some skyscrapers have gardens on their roof, which you can decorate with lights or candles to create a warm glow to a wedding at dusk. Or, set the wedding at sunrise so the two of you capture the sunlight flitting across the buildings and watch the city go from slumber to the bustle of daytime.

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