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Kick Off Your Wedding With These Football Details

Kick Off Your Wedding With These Football Details

For those of us who are superfans, including your team in your wedding day is a no-brainer.

football save the date

Stadium Save-the-Date

Is your fiance less than thrilled about the idea of an engagement photo shoot? Surprise him with the ultimate setting: your home team’s stadium.

light gray suit

Team Colors

Many couples are hesitant to try and incorporate football details because they don’t want to sacrifice the elegance of their event. However, you can be subtle by choosing a color palette that closely parallels your team’s colors. For example, a navy and light gray wedding would be perfect for Dallas fans.

football snack stadium

Halftime Ready

Are you a mother of the groom looking for a clever and casual idea for a rehearsal dinner? Wow your new daughter with this wooden stadium snack station. This would also be adorable at a bridal shower or cocktail hour. Personalize with whatever local fare is served at your stadium.

football tee shirt

No Floral Robes

You don’t want to get makeup on your precious jersey, but you also aren’t exactly a floral robe kinda gal. This tongue-in-cheek shirt is an adorable option to get ready in.

Jets football straws

Tiny Details

Your football details don’t have to be big and loud. Look for tiny moments to give your team a shoutout. These NFL straws would be great at your bar.

football sugar cookies

Fan Treats

Wrap up themed sugar cookies to hand out as favors on the way out the door. We love the creative use of sprinkles to represent the crowds in the stands.

sliders and beer

Game Day Grub

Of course, for a football-themed wedding you’ve got to include plenty of game day grub (elevated, of course). Whether they are fellow fans or not, they will be talking about these sliders and tiny beer mugs for months.

garter on football

Garter Pass

You know which groomsman you want to target to get married next. Don’t risk it with a random toss. Wrap that garter around a football for a completed pass.

sports groom's cake

Mega Fan Cake

When you pledge allegiance to more than one team, you can’t be expected to pick. This Philadelphia cake could be used as a groom’s cake at a large wedding or as the wedding cake.

pom pom exit

Festive Send Off

Leave your wedding as the MVPs you are! Armed with foam fingers and pom poms, your guests will love sending you off in game day style.