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Lodge Wedding Details

Not every couple is a pink roses and lace bows kind of couple.

Not every couple is a pink roses and lace bows kind of couple. If you appreciate the outdoors, you’re going to adore this collection of rugged, rustic details perfect for a lodge-inspired event.  Many outdoors-themed weddings are more easily turned into summer affairs, but lodge weddings really sing when there is snow outside and a nip in the air.

Nothing beats the charm of retro thermoses (above) to bring back old memories of family camping trips.  Place thermoses around your venue, on your welcome table, or even as vases (like this creative couple, below).


Can’t wait until you can hit the slopes each winter?  Use a pair of vintage wooden skis (to celebrate your favorite hobby) as a fun alternative to a guestbook at your lodge wedding.  Have your guests sign meaningful messages to them in metallic Sharpies. Later, you can hang them on the wall in your home.

This bride (below) proves just how stylish rustic can be with her black and red flannel shirt tied over her wedding dress! After all, what else would you wear to a wedding in the middle of the woods?

If your wedding date means chilly temperatures, remember to keep your guests comfy with loaner scarves and stacks of wool blankets to use around the fireplace (below, left).


Turn a canoe into a festive cooler (above, right)–just line it with plastic first if you are going to use it indoors!

Homespun patterns on rough wool is rugged chic at its finest. Use this hand-stitched garland (above) over a mantle or above the altar.  For favors, hand out stacks of cookies wrapped in checked flannel or cotton (below). Tie together with twine and add a sprig of pine for a wintry touch and a nod to your theme.

If you two are all about the outdoors, but want a more traditional wedding, fear not! Perhaps a crafty group of your besties will throw you a couple’s shower (below) worthy of a lumberjack!

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