Wedding Planning

Monochromatic Wedding Details

Using monochromatic wedding details can make an impactful color statement at your event.  

You don’t need a million colors to have a gorgeous palette–you really only need one.  From flowers to cocktails, you can make your wedding color carry through all of your major details.

Let’s start with wedding flower arrangements.  Your bouquets could be bright or pale, but either way the result can be stunning. Above, the coral bouquet packs a vibrant blast of color. Below, this peony bouquet features white peonies alongside such a pale pink peony it ‘reads’ as white in this monochromatic bouquet.  The different shade of white adds just a bit of depth.


With monochromatic floral design you can use slightly different shades or keep everything at the exact hue. The purple rose and hydrangea centerpiece (above, left) uses different shades in lilac and lavender. In contrast, this bright orchid bouquet (above, right) features roses and orchids in the same color.  The red flower centerpiece below actually utilizes several different shades of red in a wide variety of blooms.

When it comes to bridal party fashion, monochromatic can create a lovely, unified vibe. This bridal party in all white is clean and elegant. Their dresses, floral crowns, and bouquets all match bridal white, producing an effortless chic look.


Add extra texture and dimension to your dress with monochromatic details. This blush wedding dress (above, left) features lines of sequins and beading in a slightly deeper shade of blush.  And it’s not just for the ladies. Guys can rock the monochromatic trend, too!  This paisley tie’s two dapper shades of peach will look fantastic with his gray suit.

You can also add accessories to give more texture to your monochromatic look. After all, loads of texture is the best friend to this theme, keeping things from looking too plain or monotonous.  This fluffy white tulle sash blends seamlessly in with the rest of her gown (below).


Nothing is quite so visually delicious as monochromatic treats. This all-white wedding cake (above, left) is divine, looking like something straight out of a Victorian wedding.  And while this modern orchid cake uses brighter shades, but is equally fetching.


Those of you who are opting for a dessert table rather than a traditional wedding cake will love extending your wedding color throughout your sweets.  Pale yellow wedding?  Use individual banana puddings (above, left).  Stylish navy affair?  Blueberry tarts will look perfect against your all blue tablescapes.

It’s really easy to make a signature cocktail in your wedding color. The snowy sugar rims of the coconut bellini cocktails above would feel right at home at a winter wonderland reception. Chose a pink theme?  Color the sugar to match these pink lemonade margaritas (below, left). And for an orange wedding, turn a simple screwdriver or kamikaze into technicolor magic with kumquat garnishes.


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