Wedding Planning

Paint-Dipped Wedding Details

The latest crafty trend invading weddings?  Paint-dipped details.

The latest crafty trend invading weddings?  Paint-dipped details. From decor to favors, these partially painted creations are the perfect infusion of modern style into your event.  Above, hand out pencils dipped in aqua paint as favors at your schoolhouse-themed wedding.  Below, if you are serving sushi at your event, treat your guests to their own painted pair of chopsticks. These are actually dipped in several different colors of paint.  And they can continue to enjoy them long after the last of the tuna roll is gone.

Gift tags can make really cute place cards, especially is they are dipped in colorful paint and glitter. These thin, wooden tags below would look great lined up on a table or hanging from a clothesline with clothespins.

Brighten up your plain glass jars and vases with bronzed paint for fall. Especially with deep jewel toned flowers, this can be a really budget-friendly way to create beautiful autumnal decor.

For a more whimsical paint tipped detail, pick the brightest color in your palette and pair it with a deep wood monogram (below).

It’s fun to take a classic wedding decor item and treat it to this trend.  Just look at this white bunting with the tips dipped in bright pink paint (below).

Gifts are another place this trend is exploding. This round needlepoint hoop was dipped in black and gold paint, creating a geometric pattern (above).  This wooden jewelry bowl below is dipped in colorful paint and will remind your bridesmaids of how much fun your wedding weekend was every time they pin back their hair.



And while you are doing all this shopping for your bridal party, you deserve a little something dipped as well. Treat yourself to a pair of modern black and gold earrings, or a new wooden spoon that you know will completely revolutionize your chocolate chip cookie recipe!

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