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Perfectly Plaid Wedding Details

Perfectly Plaid Wedding Details

Here are a few ways to incorporate some plaid details into your rustic winter wedding.

Plaid Bow Tie

Plaid Tie

Giving your man a patterned tie to wear is the perfect way to bring in wintry style without getting too kitschy or too toasty. Plus, it adds a whimsical, rustic touch to your wedding that will help make your day unique.

Plaid Invitations

Plaid Invitations

Adding a touch of tartan to your invitations is a classy way to both shake up the norm of wedding invites while also incorporating the winter elements of your big day.

plaid tablecloth

Plaid Tablecloth

Give your reception a nice winter glow with a rustic tablecloth in your color palette.



If you or your soon-to-be spouse comes from Scottish heritage, having your groom and groomsmen wear a kilt with the family tartan is a unique way to infuse the winter’s coziest pattern.


Plaid Decoration

Adding some cute rustic details to your reception decor is a subtle way to add plaid to your wedding. Pairing it with your initials can give a further personalized touch.

Plaid Dress

Plaid Shirt

If you really want to lean into the rustic vibe that plaid offers, pairing your wedding dress with a plaid shirt or shawl can be a perfect way to keep you warm.

Plaid Cake

Plaid Cake

Adding tartan accents to your wedding cake will not only play on your winter wedding theme, but it will also make your cake stand out from the pack.

Plaid Pie

Plaid-Inspired Pie

Not a fan of incorporating that winter pattern into your cake so obviously? Why not go with a dessert that looks inspired by it? Plaid-inspired desserts, like this drizzled cheesecake, are a great middle ground that stick to your theme.

Plaid Shirt

Plaid Shirts

Instead of having your groomsmen wear ties with the colors and patterns of your rustic themes, why not go a bit bigger with patterned shirts? It’s the perfect rustic touch if you’re straying from traditional tuxes.

plaid escort card

Plaid Escort Cards

If you can’t decide on what pattern of plaid you love, you can use various swatches of plaid fabric as escort cards. It’s a unique and fun way to incorporate the pattern while helping organize the guests.