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Rustic Burlap and Lace Wedding Details

Rustic Burlap and Lace Wedding Details

What are rustic weddings made of? Burlap and lace, of course! ! See how easy it can be to incorporate these rustic burlap and lace wedding details into your special day.

Mason Jar Vase

Mason Jar Magic

Line the way to the exchange of vows with these super cute mason jar vases, dressed up in dainty lace and twine. They are perfect with a miniature cloud of baby’s breath or even used as lanterns with tea lights inside.

Burlap Aisle Runner

Walking the Burlap Carpet

We all know that the red carpet is overrated anyway. Keep with your rustic theme by laying a burlap “carpet” down the aisle. It’s the perfect runway for the sweet bride.

Rustic Chair Decor

Outfit the Chair

Many of us don’t realize what a huge impact chairs make at a wedding. they are often the main vertical element of the table décor and lock in your gaze as soon as you walk into the venue. Don’t miss that opportunity to make an impression by incorporating these beautiful burlap and lace bows.

Burlap Bouquet

Burlap Bouquet

Flowers are an integral part of the wedding culture. But who said that you have to stick to live flowers? A stylish bride could consider an alternative to fresh blooms, which will eventually wilt. This burlap bouquet with lace detailing makes a strong statement about the bride’s rustic preferences.

Rustic Wedding Cake

Quaint Cake

We would consider the wedding cake to be more than a just another rustic wedding detail, but when it’s as beautiful as this, it has to be shared. By keeping the rustic elements to clean lines across the layers, you get a classy, though whimsical, cake that must be as delicious as it looks.

Lace Cupcake Wrappers

Nothing Cuter Than a Cupcake

…Except for a cupcake in a lace wrapper! How sweet (both literally and metaphorically) do these little darlings look? They would be perfect on the wedding cupcake tower acting as the wedding cake at a rustic style wedding.

Lace flatware linens

Simply Cutlery

Give your cutlery another dimension with this adorable burlap pocket trimmed with lace, an easy wedding detail. It promotes the simplicity of the country style — no need to worry about salad forks or extra knives!

Burlap Guestbook

Rustic Memories

Ask your guests to leave their mark in this perfect burlap and lace wedding detail: the guestbook. It even comes with an embellished pen, ideal inspiration for heartfelt wishes.

Table Numbers

Good with Numbers

Make a statement with these easy-to-DIY wine bottle table numbers. Add some burlap material and some lace to keep the details rustic. That way you don’t even have to worry about soaking off the labels.

Rustic Table Runner

Runner-Way Bride

Ok, keep your runner instincts to the table décor. Dress up a plain white tablecloth or even a naked wooden table with a burlap and lace table runner, a stylish focal point to the table settings.

Rustic Backdrop

The Vital Backdrop

A wedding with rustic burlap and lace details will make a stylish statement. But what is the most important statement being made at a wedding? LOVE! So at the moment you are exchanging your vows and your first kiss as a married couple, don’t forget to include your individual style in the backdrop. We love this lace and burlap creation and it does a great job in uniting the rustic wedding details.