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Best Rustic Wedding Decor

Best Rustic Wedding Decor
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Few wedding styles are as understated and elegant as those created by rustic decor. Not only is this style easily achievable for even the most novice of decorators, it also happens to be an affordable wedding option. Rusticity can be found inexpensively due to its easy-breezy elements that include wooden crates, burlap fabrics, doilies, mason jars, mismatched china, twisted grape vines, vintage vases and wildflowers. Such elements create a stunning juxtaposition. What’s not to love about relaxed decor amid crystal chandeliers that hang from a barn’s weathered beams? The romance of the aesthetic contrasts inspires us to no end. At the same time, a rustic wedding needn’t be all rust and feed sack. You can add items that are more feminine than earthy: One example is to use gauze or linen table runners instead of that gold standard of rusticity:  the burlap table runner.  Add in some retro details, too. Vintage autos, milk glass vases and metal wash tubs are among the pretty details associated with rustic celebrations. Here, we’ve rounded up a selection of rustic decor items from your favorite retailers, including Etsy, Amazon and Michael’s and more, for inspiration as you plan the farm-inspired wedding of your dreams.



Finding the Best Rustic Wedding Decor Items



Rustic wedding decor continues to be all the rage — just check out Pinterest to see. This trend continues because it’s such a beautiful aesthetic. Why? Because it offers a lovely contrast: The beauty of nature juxtaposed with the elegance of tiered wedding cakes, flowing wedding gowns and romantic flowers. Whether your style is feminine or earthy, it will render an ultimate show of elegance. Capture the spirit of the rustic wedding: It’s all about warmth, nature and simple materials. It’s eclectic. That gives you some breathing room. Leave perfection at the door. You can easily set the rustic tone by getting creative and embracing simplicity. Use whitewashed items, weathered wood, vintage vases and farm-inspired flowers in your decor. Bonus: Rustic wedding decor is extremely easy to pull off.



How to Come Up with Unique Ideas



Playing up the natural beauty of your wedding venue, whether it’s a farm, a beach or a lake, will allow allow it to shine, which is a money-saving move. Embrace this look. Then plan for the season when it comes to items such as flowers, so that they are at peak supply and reasonable costs. One idea is to purchase your flowers at a farmers market; the prices are far lower there. If it’s a working farm, ask the owners of your venue if they can cut fresh flowers for all of your arrangements. And think about making your menu low key: After all, caviar is far more expensive than barbecue. Think about the relaxed mood of your wedding and how it lends itself to cost cutting.




Colors for a rustic wedding can emerge from a whitewashed palette with whispers of color just above white, such as dove grays, silver greens and pale blues. Such pieces lighten up a whitewashed palette that is naturally full of browns and whites without going overboard. Then again, you can add pops of vibrant color within the rustic theme. If you take the boho route for a rustic wedding, you can fold in bright jewel tones such as fuchsia, purple, green and aqua.




This style is all about eclectic finds. Look for mismatched china, hurricane lamps, brass lanterns, tea tins, burlap fabric and old-fashioned mason jars. When it comes to flowers, look for rustic styles such as sunflowers and statice. Rustic style is all about a relaxed vibe, so get in the mindset of using found items for the look.



Material & Other Features:

Rusticity is exactly like farmhouse style in the world of home decor. Tattered treasures such as wire egg baskets and metal milk cans help create the effortless style of a rustic wedding. These various items may be re-purposed into a beautiful decoration. Then again, they may simply be featured as singular conversation pieces. Or they may be included in a collection and proudly displayed, such as a grouping of vintage canisters and milk glass vases as the buffet’s centerpiece.



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Favorite Special Touch

Works of Woods Rustic 5-Tier Cupcake Stand


This handmade, five-tiered cupcake stand makes for a dreamy dessert presentation at any rustic wedding. The spacers are made of kiln-dried barked wood, and each tier is made of smooth wood. You can choose a stain that complements your wedding decor: Stain choices include a medium brown stain, a dark walnut stain or a white stain. It’s an excellent item for letting you have your cake and eat it, too, because you can put a small cutting cake on top and layer the other four tiers with an array of treats. Jump on any of these tasty trends for the big day: cupcakes, macarons or donuts. This stand holds approximately 75 cupcakes, 150 donuts and even more macarons.

Made of tree wood, tree bark and cabinet grade plywood

What Reviewers Are Saying:
We recently received this, and we plan to use it at our wedding at the very beginning of September. It was worth every penny. It's very sturdy, and the staining is gorgeous. It's absolutely beautiful.

2 of 12 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Bar Upgrade

Heartfelt by Donna Wooden Drinks Menu


We’ll drink to this bar menu! It is handmade from premium pine stained a dark walnut color with your choice of white or off-white lettering. Personalized with the couple’s names and wedding date, it is a gorgeous accent for the reception. Plus, it makes getting a drink a breeze, as the artisan will personalize it with your brands and types of beer, wine and liquor. Cheers to this fabulous piece of wedding decor that is a modern take on rustic style.

Made of chalk-like paint, premium pine, soft varnish and wood stain

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is absolutely perfect! Donna was so kind and responsive each time I contacted her. She ensured that our bar sign was exactly how we wanted it.

3 of 12 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Personalized Item

Custom Love Gifts Rustic Mini Mason Jar Wedding Favors With Label


Guests will leave your wedding with smiles after receiving edible favors they can gobble up afterward. For a rustic wedding, these favors are ideal. From $2.50 to $3 each, you get a mini mason jar with a gold lid, a ribbon or twine bow, your choice of fabric and a customized label. You can choose from an array of yummy fillings for the two-ounce jars, including clover honey, peach apple butter, hot chocolate mix, strawberry Moscato jam, blackberry Merlot jam and pink lemonade mix. Bon appetit, indeed!

Made of glass, fabric, paper and filling

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These worked out so well for our Halloween wedding favors! We added some Halloween fabric and stamped the wooden spreaders with our custom logo. It was great to work with this seller who had lots of custom options.

4 of 12 Image Credits: Etsy

Most Romantic Addition

Coraline Garlands 200 LED Fairy Lights on Hanging Copper


You may be ready to dance in a barn that has crystal chandeliers hanging from the rafters, but remember to throw in some twinkling fairy lights. These sprinkles of tiny lights look like stars in the dark, which is why they have near-iconic status in rustic wedding decor. Each of these LED lights creates a starburst effect with a diameter of one foot and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It's so romantic!

Made from copper wire and plastic with eight functions and with remote controller

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These are even more beautiful than you think they will be! The shipping was quick, and our enjoyment is great.

5 of 12 Image Credits: World Market

Best Tabletop Items

Clear Glass Cheyenne Lantern


Available in two sizes, these versatile glass lanterns from World Market are ideal as tabletop lighting. Designed to hold one tealight candle, they allow flickering candlelight to infuse your reception tables with ambient light. If you want to switch it up a bit, you can also hang these lanterns from trees or posts for a cozy vibe. They’re made from clear glass, so the candles will shine brightly.

Crafted of clear glass and metal with black finish

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I am using these to add some ambiance at an outdoor wedding. I'm buying votives to put inside. It's a great price.

6 of 12 Image Credits: Amazon

Most Naturalistic Touch

Coceca 23-Inch Cotton Stems


Cotton stems are a creative way to add unique texture to a wedding bouquet or centerpiece. They add some earthy goodness to other flowers in an arrangement or they can stand alone. We like the idea of placing cotton stems in vintage or rustic vessels. Put them in mason jars or glass bottles, then place them in a wooden crate. Wrap the necks of the jars or bottles in a piece of burlap or a linen bow. It's easy peasy and budget-friendly.

Each pack includes five cotton stems with 10 cotton balls per stem.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The decorative cotton was beautiful and better than expected. They are full and easy to bend. The cotton looks real and gorgeous.

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Best Table Decor

Linen Lark Gauze Runner


This hand-dyed cotton gauze table runner lends a bit of color and rusticity as an alternative to the standard burlap runner so often used in rustic wedding decor. Its natural and understated look gives it credibility as a rustic item, but it is definitely more romantic than burlap. Top it off with a floral centerpiece of sunflowers and statice plus some candles, and rustic romantic is yours.

Made of 100 percent cotton with raw, unfinished edges

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is an absolutely beautiful fabric. I am so pleased with it. The quality is excellent, and the color is as shown.

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Most Whimsical Touch

Whisker Kisses Designs Rustic Place Cards


These charming escort cards are imbued with unique, rustic style. Each 2.5-by-2.5-inch square can be customized to any color, but we like the "Rustic Fall" colored paper because it’s totally farm-inspired. Each card includes the name or names of your guests with the table number and a cute burlap flower. The seller suggests using an empty vintage frame lined with twine to house the cards; you can use the included small clothespins to hold the cards to the twine. Prices start at $45 for 30 cards.

Made of craft paper, burlap flowers, twine and mini clothespins

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The place cards were great. The alternate colors were perfect, and they worked well with our rustic theme.

9 of 12 Image Credits: Etsy

Best His-and-Hers Item

Whisker Kisses Designs Engraved Weddings Wooden Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Chair Signs


This pair of “Mr.” and “Mrs.” wedding chair signs are a blend of rusticity and grace. The splashy script is pure elegance, but the plain wood is as rustic as it gets. They are laser cut into circles enclosing the words from ⅛-inch thick wood. While the plain, unpainted wood works best for a rustic wedding, the signs can be painted in one of 16 different colors for an additional cost.

Made of ⅛-inch thick wood

What Reviewers Are Saying:
These look just like the picture, and we are excited to use them. They are simple and clean-lined. It's perfect for our reception style.

10 of 12 Image Credits: Michael's

Best Wedding Wishes Idea

Lillian Rose Wedding Wishes Wooden Box


Painted a weathered ivory with "Wedding Wishes" on the front, this box is perfect for a rustic wedding. What a charming box to encourage family and friends to share their wedding wishes with the newlyweds. It features a metal latch to secure the cover, as well as a unique key-shaped opening. Not only is it ideal for the wedding reception, it is a lovely keepsake for the couple’s home.

This box is 10 inches by 10 inches by 5.25 inches.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This box is cute and vintage looking. The box is so nice, especially if you’re looking for a rustic, vintage piece. The size is good, and I love the cut-out key feature on the top. It goes perfectly with my theme. It was delivered quickly and wrapped well so that it wouldn't get damaged.

11 of 12 Image Credits: Michael's

Best Centerpiece Holder

Whitewashed Wood Box by ArtMinds


A whitewash finish on this pine box makes it ideal for a rustic wedding. It can be used as a base for the floral decor placed on reception tables. Because it is already so weathered, it would be beautiful filled with an array of romantic flowers like hydrangea and roses instead of the traditional wildflowers typical of a farm-inspired celebration.

Made of whitewashed pine

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This little box is the perfect size to hold three mason jars with seasonal florals inside.

12 of 12 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Floral Accent

Serenity Winter Rustic Boutonniere


A gorgeous melange of paper flowers and preserved flowers, this floral boutonniere brings whimsy to a rustic wedding. It is made with eucalyptus, greenery, white flowers, pine cones, white petit succulents and blueberries. These flowers are of such fine material that this tiny arrangement is a masterpiece in miniature. Each boutonniere includes a safety pin for securing it to a lapel.

Made of a safety pin, jute tape, paper flowers and preserved flowers.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is an absolutely stunning item. It is exactly as pictured: delicate and light. It was beautifully and safely packaged, and it shipped fast. I couldn't recommend this shop enough, and I cannot wait until my wedding day!