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Rustic Wedding Inspiration

Rustic Wedding Inspiration

Sweet and simple may be the best way to describe this look – but it’s one to swoon over again and again. 


The soft, glowing makeup, the ultra-delicate headpiece and that dress? From the silhouette to the light lace and ruffled details, this gown is rustic romantic perfection. Don’t even get us started on the groom’s chic tweed suit.

The Flowers

The secret to this look, according to floral designer Stephanie Clark, is found in nature. For the bouquet, Clark pulled together a variety of textures ranging from rough-edged pine cones and cotton pods to velvety spray roses, finding a middle-ground in both color and shape. “I wanted this bouquet to be textural, but still girly and soft,” Clark said. “I love the contrast between the rough, sharp edges and the softer amaranthis and the soft pink, too. This bouquet needed to be well-balanced and the contrasting textures give it that balance.”

The Look 

Hair and makeup in this look follow suit. Soft, unstructured hair with a subtle fishtail braid is complemented by a makeup look that artist Stephanie Klasse describes as youthful. “Overall, this is a pretty, polished look,” Klasse said. “It emphasizes beautiful skin and earthy tones, which are balanced by a pink lip and cheek. This pairing leads to wellbalanced tones that give just enough pop of color, and it’s a look that’s particularly good for outdoor weddings because you’re pulling from tones found in nature.” Klasse emphasized that this look is very popular among brides, especially those looking for a more natural look. “Really anybody can wear this look,” she said. “It’s very soft, very pretty. I get a lot of requests for this kind of look. It has that youthful, blushing bride element, and a glow to it that can be incorporated into any age range and skin type.”