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Serious Style for a Red Wedding

Serious Style for a Red Wedding

So, you’ve picked a color and a theme. Now you just have to pick decor to match! Sometimes that can be the hardest part, so we have come up with 10 ideas that will ensure your red wedding is one to remember.

Red rose petals

Petal Perfection

Gather bunches of roses and let their petals trail along the table. The red will create a beautiful contrast and a natural table runner. What more could you ask for?

Red place setting

Find a Seat

Weddings can be an organized affair or it can be done in a totally relaxed style. If you want to keep things traditional, then consider using red place settings to let people know where they’re seated.

Book centerpiece

Find Something to Read

Books can make fantastic centerpieces. Choose books that fit your red wedding colors and make them the highlight.

Red peony centerpiece

Perfect Peonies

Red, white and green. You can’t go wrong with that combination at your red wedding. Have your centerpieces large and luscious to make a bang!

Confetti hearts

Share the Love

Love is what a wedding is about, right? Create happy heart confetti in your main colors to scatter on your table!

Beauty and The Beast centerpiece

Capture the Beauty

Does your wedding have a specific theme and color scheme? Capture the most important parts by creating stunning tablescapes, like this one inspired by Beauty & The Beast. You’ll never forget a centerpiece from your favorite film or book.

Table numbers with red ribbon

Classy Cards

Create elegant table numbers and seating charts by wrapping them in red ribbon. It’ll look beautiful and ensure your red wedding colors are carried throughout every piece of table decor!

Red menu

Reading in Red

Help your guests out by having a menu printed for each table in a subtle red font. It’ll take the guess work out of the buffet and everyone will appreciate your hard work.

Red candle

Light It Up

Make sure your candles match your red wedding colors! They definitely stand out as soon as night falls and they’re lit.

Red cloth napkin

Matching Linens

Too much red can be overkill, but every guest appreciates a proper cloth napkin. Pick one out in your wedding colors and you will take care of a simple (but important) element.