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Southwest Wedding Color Palette in Sunset Hues

Weddings awash in soft corals, golden oranges, pinks, and pale aquas are definitely a little bit magical.  Here we show you how to seamlessly incorporate this sunset color scheme into your events.

You know how you always look amazing in photos taken at sunset?  Between the pretty colors in the sky and the warm light, it’s the ultimate filter.  And that is also one of many reasons we love Southwestern-themed weddings with their sunset-inspired palettes. 

Above, nothing conjures the feeling of sunset quite so much as a coral-toned ombre invite (above). With desert illustrations and fringe, this suite is Southwest perfection. If you don’t want an invite quite so bold, find a design with tiny hints of pinks and oranges on an otherwise neutral card (below, right). One of the best things about this palette is how well they play with neutrals, so you can either go really muted or in-your-face colortastic.

The same applies for your centerpieces. As we all know, there are sunsets that are dark, bold, and dramatic, and then there are the ones that are soft and dreamy. Design your color palette around your favorite shades of evening light.  Above, this more saturated centerpiece includes scarlet-colored dahlias. Below, sweet corals and golden daisies look amazing alongside tinted glassware and coordinating Fiestaware plates.

Even natural elements like succulents and cacti can add to your palette, especially in terra-cotta pots (below).  Place brighter blooms around clusters of pots to create tablescapes on tiny surfaces.

You can also successfully merge muted with bright by allowing small pops of deep purple and vibrant orange in an otherwise muted landscape (below).

We also love how the brights look on their own, especially with traditional Southwestern designs like this painted tabletop below!

For your bridal bouquet, succulents and flowers can lend to your palette in shades of aqua, lavender, and green.  This palette allows for so many different colors to be used in small details throughout.

If you really love bright sunset colors, but prefer your wedding to be muted, look for solitary details that won’t conflict with your overall color scheme, such as a bouquet or wedding cake.

Speaking of cake, isn’t this Southwest design divine?  We love the light sunset colors and sky blue details. It’s the very sweetest way to extend your palette all the way to your final detail!

Credits:  Lovely Paper Things   |   Megan Robinson Photography   |   Blest Photography   |   Troy & Aimee Grover   |   Junophoto   |   Laura Goldenberger   |   Heavenly Blooms   |   Jose Villa   |   Mikkel Paige   |    Julie Cate