Wedding Planning

Spring Wedding Photo Shoot

Spring is here. We can feel it in the sunshine, in the lengthening days, in the building momentum of wedding season – and in the bright, effortless strokes of this Southern California styled shoot. 


Centered on light wooden details, structured shapes and a wash of vibrant hues, this lovely bit of wedding inspiration is everything the new season demands. Bonus: from the soft, glamorous look of the bride to the clean white linens and altar décor, this shoot comes with the beauty advice and brainstorming tips to help you make your own dreams into wedding day reality. 

Spring Decor and Details

Creating a vision for your wedding day and décor can feel like an insurmountable task. There are so many details to sort through and so much to coordinate that sometimes it seems your dreams may never come together. Never fear. The multi-talented and wedding planning savvy Christy and Chelsea of Hello Gem, the artists and architects of this inspiration shoot, have some helpful hints up their pretty sleeves. 

  1. Look at what you love. Hello Gem’s Christy is quick to praise inspiration sources, but advises moderation to brides. “I think it’s great, but you have to stop looking at it at a certain point because trends keep changing and you’ll get overwhelmed. Looking into your home, or looking at the colors you wear, is a good way to start because it’s a true reflection of who you are as a couple.”
  2. Start with the big picture. “It starts with the bride and groom and what their personalities are and what their vibe is,” said Chelsea. “You can run with that.” The women start their wedding designs by looking at the day as a whole, beginning with a loose color story or a mood board with ten or so pictures, and then breaking apart each section of the venue and thinking about what will bring the whole look together.
  3. It’s okay to be playful. The most important part of this celebration is your relationship. Be true to your personalities and have fun getting creative with what you love – you never know what kind of wonderful details can spring from unlikely sources. “We like to use unorthodox materials,” Chelsea says. “We made a whole installation out of flagging tape. We loved it.”
  4. Communicate. In creating your wedding vision, Christy states that one thing is very clear: communication with the people around you is important. She adds that it is essential to speak with your family and to listen to their advice. “Be true to yourselves, but remember to include them.”