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Subtle Details for a Classy Geek Chic Wedding

Subtle Details for a Classy Geek Chic Wedding



Your fandom is a huge part of your life, so it’s a no-brainer to include it on your big day. These weddings prove you can let your geek flag fly on your wedding day while also keeping the day classy and chic.



Comic Book Boutonnieres



Comic Book Boutonnieres


Boutonnieres are a great way to express a little creativity in a subtle and classy way. Creating a boutonniere out of comic book pages gives a creative nod to some of your super-human faves that pops beautifully in pictures and as a bonus it’s extra helpful if a groomsman has a flower allergy.




Fandom Garter



Fandom Garter


Your garter is a great place to show your personality, so why not let it represent your favorite fandom? You can get the garter to match your wedding colors and adorn it with your favorite character, film, movie, or whatever brand of geekery you want to celebrate on your big day! The fandom touches will make it an even cooler souvenir for whomever catches it at the reception.

Sonic Screwdriver Bouquet



Non-Traditional Bouquet


Whether you choose to use real flowers for your bouqet or not, displaying them in a creative way to make the bouquet look like a lightsaber or sonic screwdriver can be a nod so subtle to your favorite fandom that only those “in the know” might notice. You might not be up for cosplaying on your big day, but letting your bouquet get in character for you is a great compromise!




Zombie Cake Topper



Unique Cake Topper


Your cake is a huge focal point for the reception and you want to be sure it looks amazing. Deciding to create a “geek-themed cake” is a huge undertaking, and might be a bit too kitschy for your event. Instead, opt for a low-key silhouette cake topper that winks to your favorite film, fandom, or movie line.




Minecraft Sword



Get Creative Cutlery


Anybody can use a simple knife to cut their cake, but not you! Try using something that represents your favorite brand of geekery—even if it’s only for the pictures. We’re pretty sure a foam Minecraft sword can’t cut a cake successfully…




Achievement Unlocked



Get Creative With Your Wedding Photos


Your wedding photos are a great place to let loose and let your geekdom show the most. Whether you decide to photoshop something fun in, or you just have geeky props in your pics, adding geek to your pictures is a way to immortalize the day and the things important to you while keeping the photoshoot fun for everyone involved.




Star Wars Guest Book



Get a Geeky Guestbook


A non-traditional guestbook is a great way to create a geeky touch to your wedding while also creating something that you’ll want to keep on display well after your honeymoon is over. This Millennium Falcon-shaped guest book is the perfect way to bring Star Wars into your big day and create something that will look cute on your wall later.




Harry Potter Party Favors



Golden Snitch Wedding Favors


This clever bride added wings to golden-wrapped candy to create tasty golden snitches for guests. It works both as a favor and a table decoration and keeps the table looking classy.




Delorean Wedding Car



Plan the Perfect Escape


Every bride and every groom wants to hear their guests talking about their wedding long after the day is over and a great way to leave your guest dazzled is to leave in style. While you might have some trouble getting your hands on a TARDIS or a Firefly ship, you can easily find yourself a DeLorean to leave the reception and zip through time with your new partner.