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Vintage Glamour Wedding Inspiration

Vintage Glamour Wedding Inspiration

Wedding day style is simple to describe: it’s you, plus a beautiful gown, plus a look you love. Whether your heart beats wildly at the thought of clean, modern lines, or you tend to lean towards vintage collectibles and soft, beaded folds, the sky is officially your bridal fashion limit.


Airy, classic, and ultra-feminine, this vintage-inspired look gathers up intricate details and beaded glamour, making it a breeze to fall for. And the groom? His navy suit, bow tie and classic hair are a character-packed complement that’s easy to replicate, right down to the matching navy cufflinks. 

The Flowers

Floral designer Stephanie Clark kept the same airy, feminine theme in mind when she created this look’s accompanying bouquet. Using light café au lait dahlias and playful textures like Australian gold-dipped leaves and ostrich feathers, Clark constructed a bouquet with a classic flow and gilded edges. 

The Look

For the bride’s look, makeup artist Stephanie Klasse took a similar approach. “This is a vintage-inspired look, so we’re not taking a literal approach to it,” Klasse said. “Drawing from vintage inspiration means creating shapes and using highlighting. It’s a very blended look.” Klasse primarily looked to 1920s makeup as her example, using the era’s soft lines and dark colors as inspiration. She made the makeup more wearable by swapping out traditional grey and black tones for dark browns, giving depth to the look without making it heavy. Klasse also added gold accents to the makeup, and only used black to define shapes, commenting that the look as a whole relies on layering. By keeping details like the lips and cheeks paler, emphasis is allowed rest on the darker eye, where she recommended the use of individual false lashes – a more natural product that still packs a punch. “This is a gold-infused look,” she said. “It’s pretty, with just the right amount of drama.”