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We Love ’90s Wedding Details

We Love ’90s Wedding Details



Whether you’re a ’90s child, or just trying to create a wedding reception that’s a blast from the past, we’ve got you covered with these wedding details.



neon wedding invitation





Let your guests know right away what they can expect on your big day. You can even get them involved by encouraging them to suggest a song for the DJ to play.

cassette tape place cards



Escort Cards


First impressions and small wedding details matter. Escort cards are one of the first things your guests will see when they enter your reception, so start with a bang.




bright wedding bouquet



Colorful Wedding Bouquet


The 90s didn’t shy away from color and neither should you. Think bright and neon-inspired colors for your bridal bouquet.





colorful boutonniere seleciton



Bright Boutonnieres


Since lots of color is what you’re going for include it in your groom’s (and his groomsmen) boutonnieres. Try taking one color of each flower in your bouquet and making them into separate boutonnieres for your bridal party.




bride in chambray



Stylin’ Bride


You don’t have to give up the white dress completely (you don’t have to give into the dramatic shoulders either). Wedding details like adding a denim shirt or wearing a slap bracelet will bring your ’90s theme to your outfit.




luxurious wedding table



Table Decor


Much like your bouquet and boutonniere, don’t skimp on color. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try incorporating fabric popular during the time (denim anyone?).




Pop Rocks treats



Rockin’ Desserts


Cake is cool, but it’s got nothing on the candy of the ’90s. Ring Pops, Gushers, Pop Rocks and Cosmic Brownies are just a few treats to consider adding to your dessert table.




fun photo props



Photobooth Props


Every ’90s wedding needs a photobooth. Instead of renting one, make one! Bring props that are special to the decade to capture photos that truly leave your guests feeling like they stepped back in time.




corsage slap bracelets



Corsages That Slap


Send your bridal party home with something to remember their trip back in time by; you and your beau’s favorite trinkets from the decade (slap bracelets, Slinky toys and koosh balls; to name a few).







Drop a Bumpin’ Mix Tape


What’s a 90’s wedding without the tunes? Go ahead, geek out to Britney Spears and NSYNC, no judgment from us. You could even make your guests a mix tape (but maybe in the form of a CD or download instead–no cassette tapes here).