Wedding Planning

We Love: Hanging Installations

Spice up your wedding day decor with these whimsical ideas.

I’ll admit it: I am a little bit obsessed with hanging installations lately. It all started with a stack of wedding photos, and a couple of creative geniuses and turning something as simple as flagging tape (seriously, flagging tape), but that was just the beginning. From tinsel to hanging plants and geometric shapes, a hanging installation can add a little bit of extra punch to your wedding decor in any style. Modern? Check. Eclectic? Definitely. Whimsical? Of course! Here are a few of the options I’ve had my eye on lately.

This glass orb installation has it all: it’s simple, delicate and makes for an utterly unique lighting display.

We’re a long way from fall right now, but when it gets here I’m hoping it brings this gold leaf display with it!

I love the bright, shimmery and whimsical look of these glitter-dipped feathers. This installation would be a fun DIY project to undertake with a friend who isn’t afraid of being covered in sparkles for a day or two.

This hanging flower installation is so sweet and straightforward. This view, looking almost straight up at the display from the table itself, is just lovely.

These terra cotta pots (and breathtaking flower arrangements) are gorgeous – but I think the macrame hangers are what really make this display!

Last, but not least, the geometric shapes in this monochromatic hanging installation are clean, fun and modern. Perfect for contemporary decor lovers!

Photo credits: glass orb installation by Kate Ignatowski Photography // gold leaves by Brklyn View Photography // glitter-dipped feathers by Krista Leigh Hurst Photography // hanging flowers by Jacquelyne Mae // hanging planters by Rebekah J. Murray Photography // geometric installation by Amanda Megan Miller Photography