Wedding Planning

Cool Prints to Give to Your Wedding Party

When in doubt–go for prints. Running the range from vintage to modern, prints are an excellent way to show each member of the wedding party just how much you treasure their own unique personality.

Wedding party gifts can be hard to decide on. You want to give them something personal that they will love, but you are also definitely on a budget.  And you are pretty sure your three-times-a-bridesmaid sister doesn’t need one more personalized flask.  Here is everything you need to be a gift giving goddess.

For the rustic manly man: This groomsmen has been rocking a beard since way before it was cool.  This diagram will confirm everything he already knows about grooming the manliest beard ever.

For the man about town:  He always smells like the best aftershave and knows the best place in town to grab a martini on the way to a show.  Give this GQ guy a list of rules to keep his game in tip-top shape.

For the lit lover:  Out of all of your friends, this one has the most enviable library of books. And yes, books. No Kindle for them, thankyouverymuch.  Find a print like the one below with a quote from one of their favorite authors.

For the one with wanderlust:  You struggled with where to send their wedding invitation because they haven’t had a consistent mailing address for years.  Whether it’s a road trip across country or working abroad, this friend is all about the travel.

For the bridesmaid who lives for pop culture:  She’s obsessed with sneaking a peek at TMZ and can tell you what’s going on in the lives of just about every celebrity. Tease her with a funny poster referencing her fave pop icon (below).

The unabashedly girly girly-girl:  She worships all things pink and sparkly.  Her house is decorated in pure romantic vintage. Give her this sweet print to add to her home’s lovely style.

The quirktastic one:  This poster is fun and shimmery and a little wacky, and chances are you know exactly who to buy it for.

For the one that did all of your DIY for you:  Personalized favors.  Chalkboard signs.  Paper airplane wedding programs.  All. Her.  Reward her with an unconventional and crafty ‘print’ via plates or embroidery hoops.