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Creative Ideas for Your Engagement Announcement

Creative Ideas for Your Engagement Announcement

Newly engaged? Congrats! Wondering the best way to announce your engagement to friends and family?  Here are a few ideas and tips.




Tell Your Nearest & Dearest


As tempting as it is to hop on social media right away, you’ve got a few VIPs to tell first.  If you can go in person, visit each other’s parents for the big engagement announcement. Otherwise, place a call.  Even if it means waiting a few days, it’s worth it. Your mom doesn’t want to find out her baby girl is engaged from a ring pic on Instagram.  After your parents, makes sure to tell immediate family and close friends.  The other call you need to make?  Any ex-spouses should be informed before word gets out.




Announce It!


Your engagement announcement can be in two places: social media and the local newspaper.  You can also send handwritten notes, but traditional etiquette suggests avoiding formal, printed engagement announcements. They can create awkward situations, from the recipient feeling like they are being asked to send a gift to not being invited to the wedding later (you never know what your guest list will look like only weeks into your engagement).


So, go nuts with creative engagement announcements on Instagram such as flashing your new sparkler or ideas like the cutie couple pic below.




What Can You Send?


The best ‘official’ announcement?  An invitation to an awesome engagement party. Use one of your favorite shots from your recent engagement session to give it a personalized touch. By the time you send out these party invites, you should have a clearer idea of how many people are getting an invitation to your wedding. While you shouldn’t invite someone that isn’t getting an invitation to your wedding, you don’t have to invite everyone on your guest list to your engagement party (just like with a bridal shower).




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