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10 DIY Balloon Decorations

10 DIY Balloon Decorations

Nothing celebrates the playfulness of summer quite like balloons.


Balloon Backdrop

Whether at a glam bridal shower or a wedding reception, a balloon backdrop can be a cost-effective way to add color to your space. To create the same effect as this example, take note of size and color. This wall used several shades within a coral palette and then added bold, distinctive hues to the mix, all in several sizes.


Confetti Pop

If you have a wedding with a dynamic and diverse color scheme, we love these DIY balloon decorations with bright confetti added to a clear balloon. Attach colorful streamers and use them to around your venue to attract your guests towards food stations or the welcome table.


Statement Wall

These heart-shaped mylar balloons were used to create a modern backdrop for a party’s dessert table, but we think it would be just as cool at a chic loft wedding. This type of decor can fill blank walls up at a fraction of the cost of other decor options.


Fun Signage

Hosting a big bridal shower? Direct your friends to different tables with these whimsical balloon letters. Use simple three word phrases such as “DIY,” “eat,” and “sip.”


Clever Tails

So, the balloons normally get all the glory. But these DIY balloon decorations feature bendy balloon tails that you can fashion into different symbols or messages.


Bubbly Favors

We love the idea of sending your summer wedding guests off with a bottled soda. Add something extra with these fruity balloon straws that can be personalized to match with different colors and flavors.


Table Numbers

This DIY project is a cinch, and will really stand out at your wedding reception. Use geronimo balloons as your table numbers, affixing gold lettering to each one.


Fringed Tassels

For a backyard wedding detail with a big “wow” factor, make tons of technicolor fringed tassels for your geronimo balloons. These are for a fiesta wedding, but this same concept could be personalized for most themes by using different colors.


Ceremony Arch

You really want to get married outdoors, but don’t love how “empty” that field looks. This DIY balloon arch will need to be completed right before the wedding, so either enlist a few crafty friends and relatives, or ask your wedding planner to find someone to recreate.


Greyscale Elegance

With all the classic romance of a black and white movie, this balloon centerpiece proves you don’t need colorful balloons for your project to have a dramatic impact.