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10 DIY Bridal Shower Decorations That Will Transform Your Party

10 DIY Bridal Shower Decorations That Will Transform Your Party



Make one of these 10 projects to decorate your bridal shower.



DIY floral chandelier



Floral Chandelier


The best DIY bridal shower decorations make sense for the space you are using. If you are hosting a bridal shower in your home, chances are you’ll be using your dining room table. Jazz up your everyday chandelier by weaving this cool floral swag throughout your light fixture.




gold balloon backdrop



Gold Balloon Backdrop


Don’t want to spend a million bucks on luxe decor? You can create a simple and affordable backdrop by using balloons. This sparkling theme suggests pinning gold mylar balloons to the wall and decorating simple white balloons with gold glitter.




DIY glitter flowers



Accessorized Flowers


DIY bridal shower decorations don’t have to be complicated. Accessorize flowers by simply edging the petals with glitter. These yellow roses are even prettier with the touches of gold glitter glinting off the light.




DIY herb display



Patio Herb Garden


If the bridal shower you are planning will be hosted in your backyard, consider DIY projects that maximize your space. These vertical hanging racks for pots of herbs can be used long after the party. And your guests will love the scent of basil, mint, and lemon verbena wafting out of the planters.




bright paper flowers



Giant Paper Flowers


For a whimsical spin on floral decor, make your own giant paper flowers. Using an array of technicolor shades, these tissue paper creations can be hung from tree branches or placed on tables (and when people start wearing them as hats, you know it’s time to put away the punch).




DIY confetti tablecloth



Confetti Tablecloth


Transform a classic white tablecloth into something more party-ready. This bright confetti pattern with colorful dots creates a festive and lively table.




quick DIY art



Quick Wall Art


Need to cover up your blank walls in a flash? These simple and budget-friendly prints can be made and hung on your walls within a couple of hours.




Floral Light Garland



Light-Up Garland


Why hang standard string lights when you can make these instead? With flowers surrounding the balls of the string lights, this pretty garland will give your space a magical, outside-in quality.




acrylic ombre art



Acrylic Signage


You can use this DIY technique to create any type of wall hanging, from a sign directing guests to the DIY mani bar to a pretty quote. No matter what words you choose, the ombre background is softly mesmerizing.




DIY ombre plasticware



Ombre Plasticware


Disposable plasticware is often a saving grace for bridal shower hostesses. Transform these plain white utensils with different shades of paint. You can also use this technique on bamboo utensils.