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10 DIY Wedding Favors for Every DIY Level

   Feeling a little crafty?


Feeling a little crafty? We’ve got 10 simple DIY wedding favor projects sure to charm your guests and not drive you crazy making them.  Now, because ‘simple’ seems to vary with how much crafting experience you have, we’ve got something for every level, from ‘What’s washi tape?’ to ‘I buy Mod Podge at Costco.’

For the most crafting inexperienced, check out the two projects above. First, fresh fruit favors are all the rage right now. Turn yours into a bona fide project by affixing personalized stickers.  Easy peasy. Next, if you are more comfortable with graphic design software than with a needle and thread, create a fun logo or image and use it for the cover of your very own mix CD.

Do you always stop in the kitchen section at IKEA and pretend that the fanciest one is yours?  No?  Just me, then.  Show off your baking prowess by incorporating your skills into your DIY project. Fun, but super simple, is creating your own spice mix.  Since this is your signature spice, why not have it define your relationship?  Cinnamon sugar with nutmeg for the sweet-as-pie couple and kick-you-in-the-mouth Cajun seasoning for the spiciest of brides and grooms.

While I love the idea of sending your guests away with a homemade sweet treat, only do something like these lemon loaves if you are having a very small wedding.  You wouldn’t believe how much there is to do the day before the wedding (no matter how well you plan).  So, only try this if you are a really experienced baker and 50 mini loaves ain’t no thang.

For crafters who have made a couple of projects, but are still relatively new to the world of DIY, here are a few projects for you. Below, wrap moss or succulents in fabric, tie with ribbon or twine, and personalize planter sticks. These also double as pretty darn cute place cards.

Votives make beautiful and affordable DIY wedding favors. When you start working with things like craft clue, glitter, and glass, things do get a bit more complicated. Just make sure to buy extra supplies for practice and give yourself plenty of space and time to create!

Even the most experienced crafters shouldn’t be too ambitious for their favors. After all, this is mass production. You’re making 200 of these things and your to do list is a mile long.  Because you understand color theory and scale better than more inexperienced brides, these next three favors will look positively professional when you are through with them!  For example, these notebooks look really simple, but it’s all about picking the right stamp and knowing how to use it that keeps it from straying into elementary school art project territory.

These ombre tissue paper coasters are just plain awesome. But anyone who has used Mod Podge knows this project is benefited by an experienced hand. Make sure to give plenty of drying time between coats.  If you are feeling even more ambitious, check out this project that involves making your own wooden palette coasters and decorating the tops with washi tape.

These lavender sachets are quite simple, but with wedding stress, are best left to those who are no stranger to a whipstitch.

No matter what your DIY experience, your guests will love the care that went into these fun wedding favors!

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