Wedding Planning

10 Easy DIY Projects with a Big Impact

These projects prove that a detail doesn’t need to be complicated to make a big statement.

easy 1

Trendy Mini Stands

Combine the latest copper and marble trends with this dynamic (and super simple) DIY project for your dessert table. Stands that have a small serving area like these are perfect for weddings with an intimate guest list. They will help to fill larger tables and keep everything looking proportioned.

easy 2

Hanging Succulent Planters

Some of our favorite DIY projects are those that can be reused in the couple’s home after the wedding. These hanging planters can be a cool way to decorate a loft space for the wedding and then later you can hang them in your kitchen.

easy 3

Festive Stamped Napkins

The best thing about this easy DIY project is that it doesn’t require you to purchase a bunch of extra tools and supplies. All this takes is a stamp to match your theme, ink to complement your palette, and plain napkins.

easy 4

Geometric Seating Chart

Modern brides will love this geometric seating chart that can hang in the entryway of a reception venue. Not only will the most novice of DIYers find this a cinch to assemble, it’s also very budget-friendly.

easy 5

Romantic Cake Decor

This adorable arrow cake decor makes it look as though Cupid put in a special appearance at your wedding. This DIY project can easily be completed within a hour.

easy 6

Vibrant Ceiling Elements

One of our favorite thing about this year is that both all-white weddings and technicolor events were equally popular. If you are a couple that enjoys a lot of color, use vivid DIY elements like balloons and papel picado to create a celebratory atmosphere.

easy 7

Colorful Favor Bags

Jelly beans are already pretty awesome on their own, but these bright, fantastical favor bags make a good thing even better.

easy 8

Tassel Wine Charms

Keep glasses separate at your reception with these DIY tassel charms. Craft them in your color scheme and have your guests take them home as favors.

easy 9

Modern Minimalist Menus

Want to make your place settings really pop with modern style? These wood board and rubber band menus are very stylish and your guests will think they were made by a professional.

easy 10

Floral Crown Booth

For bridal showers and bachelorette parties, your best friends might appreciate getting in on the DIY fun. Assemble a floral crown booth so that each guest can make her own.