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10 Easy Wedding DIY Projects You Can Do in a Day

We’ve got 10 DIY projects that you can easily finish in a day, whether you are a total novice or an experienced crafter.

Wedding DIY projects are so much fun. But they can also be a little bit daunting, especially if they are overly complicated.  They key to DIY success is picking a project that you love, and to keep it simple for your skill level. 


You haven’t completed a craft project since summer camp, but you want to make something special for your big day.  The great thing about our beginner DIY projects is that they are really straightforward and affordable (the last thing you want as a beginner is to buy a bunch of supplies you may never use again).

Above, this fringe streamer photo backdrop might just be the coolest detail at your wedding.  And you don’t have to tell guests how it only cost you a few dollars and less than an hour with a pair of scissors.


This genius glittery place card holder (above) was inspired by festive snow globes. Super easy to make, it will be the star of your tables!

Did you forget to buy thank you cards?  No worries! Make your own (above, right) with white cards, watercolors, and a white marker (or stamp with white ink).

Are you a bridesmaid that wants to surprise the bride with something creative?  Write messages on pink balloons (you inflate them, and then deflate them after you’ve written it in Sharpie) and take them to the bride on her wedding day. Easy peasy.


You’ve got a craft shelf in your hall closet and aren’t afraid to admit that sometimes you’d rather stay home and scrapbook then go out on Friday night.  While you aren’t an expert, you know a lot of basics, and aren’t intimated by a DIY project.

Break out a needle and embroidery floss to completely personalize your wedding guest book (below)!  With a few handy felt pockets you can make a fun album filled with places for your friends and family to leave Polaroids or cute notes.

This next DIY project will require some pre-planning, but beyond that, it’s a cinch.  Via an online service, send pictures of the couple in to be turned into tiny buttons.  Guests can pin them to their lapels, purses, or place cards as a fun way for them to start conversations with other guests.  The frame is cost-friendly and the whole project shouldn’t take you more than a few hours.

Table runners are a saving grace to weddings on a strict budget. They can festively decorate your reception without requiring that you spend hundreds of dollars on decor details. Make your own courtesy of cool stamps, plenty of ink, and a steady hand.


This isn’t your first rodeo with a sponge brush and Mod Podge. In fact, it’s not even the first time you’ve used those things this week.  To you, craft closets are for rookies, because you need a whole room to contain your hobbies. Adept at most domestic arts, you love the thrill of a new project. However, you still have a lot of wedding planning to do, so you need something you can easily complete in an afternoon.

This globe hack (seen in BHLDN) is absolutely brilliant, and we love how you can personalize the quote. If you aren’t in love with your handwriting, have another friend lay down a thin first draft, and then you can embellish more thickly with gold paint.

These metallic favors jars might turn some brides into puddles of frustration and woe, but not you. You’ll have these bad boys painted and dried within the day with aplomb.

Coasters made out of bathroom tiles has long been a favorite of DIY brides because of the cheap price tag and easy-to-personalize surface. We love these cool geometric patterns in boldly hued paint for a modern wedding.  Wrap a set up with ribbon. You’ll spend most of the time in this project waiting for layers to dry, so save time by creating these coasters assembly line-style.

Have you caught the DIY bug? Don’t stop with these 10 projects. You can even make your own bridesmaid gifts!

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