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10 Simple DIY Projects to Get You in the Fall Spirit

Celebrate fall with one of these fun DIY projects!

October is such a magical month, isn’t it?  With fall in full swing and Halloween just weeks away, why not celebrate the season with a fun DIY project?  Here are 10 ideas to inspire your autumnal crafts!

Did you can all of your summer bounty?  As you prepare to give it away for holiday gifts, work now on prettying up your creations. Design a label (above) and find matching ribbon. Your friends will love them!

Nothing says fall like leaves. Both of these leaf bowls above are slightly more complicated than the other crafts on this list, but nothing you can’t handle. Use leaf prints to create clay ring bowls (above, left). Or convert the leaves outside into a handy bowl with Mod Podge and a balloon.  Mod Podge is a really fantastic product, but it might take a couple of trial runs to get the hang of it–and you’ll definitely like the result!

Find a few pretty gourds at the local farmers’ market or grocery store and turn them into darling tealight holders for a striking centerpiece.

While regular caramel apples are sure to delight any crowd, we think that these thick twigs give them a rustic, fairytale-worthy makeover. The popcorn mix below is another guilty pleasure treat sure to make your bridesmaids forgive you for asking them over again to address envelopes.


Want to make your own wedding favors?  These petite little leaf sugar cookies (above, right) will save for several days if sealed in an airtight bag (because icing cookies the night before your wedding can only lead to tears).

Or just make the containers for your favors. These ‘poison’ bottles are perfect for an elegant Victorian-inspired, Halloween wedding. Fill them with tiny candies or a sprig of greenery.  But the best kind of favor is one that is sweet and sentimental. These trick-or-treat bags will have your friends and family wishing they could carry their own orange plastic pumpkins on Oct. 31st!

With the evenings getting decidedly cooler, it’s time to break out the fireplace matches and logs!  Give these pinecone starters to your guests with a heartwarming message.

This last one is a little bonus, because nothing makes crafting quite so much fun as DIYing up a little cocktail. This bright red drink is courtesy of a splash of grenadine added to sparkling apple cider and bourbon. Yum!

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