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10 Sweet & Simple DIY Presents

10 Sweet & Simple DIY Presents
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Glitter Tumbler


Most people don’t drink enough water. Make it a little more fun for your best friend with this DIY glitter tumbler. If you want to include something like this with your bridesmaid asks or in your bridal party thank you gifts, you could even use glitter in your color palette.





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Earring Pyramid


For the gal pal that has the most enviable earring collection, this is such a great DIY present. We’re betting that once you’re done, you’ll make another one for yourself.




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Flower Art


Want to make each of your moms a memorable thank you present? Press flowers from your bridal bouquet and turn them into beautiful pieces of art for them to hang on their walls.




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Indecision Dice


Is one of your friends notorious for responding with, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” For your decision-challenged pals, make them these date night decision dice. Super cute and also helpful for girls’ night out, these are a really quick project.




diy gift 5



Polaroid Gallery


Take your favorite photos from their Instagram and create a Polaroid-inspired gallery wall. It doesn’t have to be this big. If you want, just start with four squares.




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Candy Platters


Need a gift for someone with a serious sweet tooth? Gifting bags of candy can be a little boring. Jazz it up by creating a cool rainbow effect with their fave sugary treats.




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Moon Tote


We don’t think a person can ever have enough tote bags, and this modern DIY project is too awesome to pass up. Give this to that friend or family member who is always posting updates about comets and supermoons to their Facebook.




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Dip-Dyed Sweater


Take an affordable, classic sweater and turn it into an original creation via dip-dyeing. It’s easy, but messy, so make sure you do this in your garage in case something spills. Also, make sure to follow the washing instructions with this tutorial.




diy gift 9



Modern Lamp


We’re huge fans of Ikea hacks for many reasons, but mainly it’s because they are nearly always budget-friendly and easy to achieve. This table lamp is great for a friend with minimalist style and you can make it for a fraction of what you might pay in a home decor store.




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Countdown Calendar


For a fellow bride, make her this wedding countdown calendar (something similar would also work for a mom-to-be or student nearing graduation). You’ll get bonus points if you make it in her wedding colors.