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12 DIY Wedding Cake Topper Projects for Your Wedding Desserts

12 DIY Wedding Cake Topper Projects for Your Wedding Desserts

We’ve found a dozen awesome cake toppers to adorn your wedding day desserts.

bright honeycomb topper

Colorful Honeycombs

If you are a sucker for all things colorful and cute, then this miniature version of honeycomb paper lanterns might just be the perfect fit. We love how much it brightens up this simple cake.

love cake topper

It’s All You Need

Love is the reason everyone has gathered after all. For your DIY wedding cake topper, create this fringed message for the top of your dessert.

paper flower cake topper

Paper Flowers

Definitely for the most experienced of DIYers, these stunning paper flowers provide a wrap around decor from the top edge of the cake all the way to the plate.

botanical heart cake topper

Botanical Heart

Simple and charming, this botanical heart wedding cake topper is easy to create. In fact, if you love this project you could also make matching hearts for your centerpieces.

balloon animal cake topper

Balloon Animal

While this festive DIY wedding cake topper was designed for children’s birthday parties, we think it would be really fantastic for a summer carnival-themed wedding.

pom flower topper

Tissue Pom Flowers

DIY projects with tissue paper are generally easy to accomplish and friendly to the budget. This tissue pom cake topper is no exception. Make the flowers in your wedding colors for a personalized touch.

geometric heart cupcake flags

Geometric Hearts

Are you a modern bride that digs the geometric craze? Then you will adore these tiny geometric hearts for wedding cupcakes or mini pies.

balloon cake topper

Bunch of Balloons

We’re big fans of weddings with balloons. Not only is it a cost-effective decoration, but it’s always such a cheerful way to brighten up a venue. This balloon cake topper is equally festive.

washi cake topper

Washi Flags

Forget the topper? If you need to create a DIY wedding cake topper in a flash, look no further than a few rolls of washi tape and some tall toothpicks. Create an assortment of these tiny print flags and place them around the top of your cake.

garland cake topper

Fringed Garland

We all have our favorite wedding details. If yours is garland, then extend your love affair with this fringed decor to your wedding cake topper. Secure with a long dowel at each end.

garden cake topper

Whimsical Garden

With all the charm of a storybook fairy tale, this bold paper garden is really magnificent. It’s a straightforward project, but very time-consuming, so make sure to attempt this darling detail ahead of time.

floral cake topper

Berries & Blooms

Of course, your wedding cake topper can also be made from all-natural ingredients. Cover your cake in an array of beautiful flowers and ripe berries for the ultimate summer treat.