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15 Modern DIY Projects for Bridal Shower Activities

Tired of the usual bridal shower games?  Why not DIY a project together instead?


Give each guest a chance to create something fun for themselves while also allowing everyone to bond over an activity. Here are 15 modern DIY projects that are perfect for an afternoon with gal pals!











1. Personalize a cup.


There are so many terrific paint markers available these days. Pick up some basic ceramic mugs at your local dollar store or IKEA and let all your friends unleash their creativity!  This would be an especially cute project for a tea party-themed bridal shower.






2. Break out the crayons.


Coloring books for adults have blown up over the last year. Whether you gather the bride’s friends with buckets of crayons or professional illustration pens, you’ll have so much fun with this. Serve wine as you transform those blank pages into colorful creations.






3. Relax a little.


With these DIY bath bombs, not only is the bath you take later going to be relaxing and indulgent, but the process is pretty therapeutic as well. Breathe in the essential oils as you choose which scent you want to use. For hostesses purchasing supplies, lavender and clary sage will make you more tranquil, citrus scents will rejuvenate and awaken you!






4. Assemble this playful garland.


Remember those wooden bead necklaces that you thought were so beautiful in kindergarten?  This playful paper bunting is reminiscent of your first attempts at jewelry making. They are relatively easy to put together, but hostesses may want to pre-cut the paper if time is limited.






5. Decorate a set of napkins.


Shower guests can paint two napkins with this cool project.  Have each friend make one napkin for herself and then also paint one to add to a collection for the bride.  Simple white napkins can be very affordable and you can create basic stamps out of items around your house.






6. Design a pretty accessory.


When you are growing out your bangs or just suffering from a bad hair day, a cool barrette can be your very best friend.   These glittering accessories can easily be made in an afternoon.  Before the shower, make one to use as an example for your guests.






7. Celebrate with pinatas.


Fiesta weddings are some of our very favorite events.  Bring some of that fun to the bridal shower with these adorable heart-shaped mini pinatas. They can be filled with candy, or simply left as decorations.






8. Construct plants that don’t need watering.


If you haven’t been blessed with a green thumb or even the ability to keep one houseplant alive, this DIY craft is for you!  Make bright plants out of paper with the help of scissors and paint. You can then ‘plant’ them inside of wooden boxes (as pictures above) or terra cotta pots.






9. Take it up a notch for crafty pals.


If you have invited a group of friends that already craft in their free time, you might want to take the ‘assigned’ project up a notch. This embroidery pattern above is simple enough to do in an afternoon, so long as you are familiar with a needle and thread.






10. Recreate summer camp.


Did you ever make this yarn project at the craft tent at summer camp. Called an Ojo de Dios, these wall hangings are simple enough that even the most inexperienced crafters will be able to complete one.  We like a neutral color palette for a more grown-up look.






11. Try your hand at American folk art!


Slice up some woodcuts and get ready to produce some one-of-a-kind coasters!  These folk art patterns are unique, but you could really paint whatever design you like.






12. Plant a terrarium.


Use what you have around you for these lovely terrariums. If you live near the beach, opt to use sand and shells rather than soil and succulents.  Moss is a really popular choice to use in these, so make sure to pick up some from your local nursery.






13. DIY a new look.


There’s no better audience than your besties to decide on a new look. Experiment with temporary hair color to find a combination you love, and then decide if it should become a permanent decision.






14. Try your hand at nail art.


Pin a board of your favorite nail art and lay out a selection of polishes and pins to try and copy your favorites.  Make sure to have extra supplies like cotton balls, nail files, and polish remover on hand. Cover a table with butcher paper or a cheap tablecloth to protect your surface from spills.






15. Making can also be delicious.


The art of making something isn’t just about crafts and decor. It can also be helping your friends discover the culinary genius inside of them.  If you are good in the kitchen, lead a DIY project to teach your friends how to make an incredible dinner (this tortilla soup pictured above has our mouths watering).




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