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17 DIY Halloween Costumes for Modern Couples

These 17 Halloween costumes are perfect for couples who aren’t afraid to rummage the thrift stores or break out the glue gun for the sake of an unforgettable costume.

Halloween is a great holiday for couples to celebrate together. What’s better than cuddling up on the couch to watch a scary movie while you snack on some popcorn… or maybe a Snickers bar that you ‘borrowed’ from your trick-or-treat candy stash? Another great thing about this festive fall holiday is that you get the opportunity to be whomever (or whatever) you want for a day.  Planning and making a costume with your other half can be just as fun as wearing it! 

Ring Leader and Giraffe: The circus is always a good time. Choose your favorite animal and grab your guy to be the circus master!

Pizza Slice and Delivery Boy: Delivery! Take your pizza craving to the next level with this easy-to-make and mouth-watering costume.

Mr. and Mrs. Pacman: Grab your player 2 and dress up as your favorite video game characters for a fun night of laughter and love.

Popeye and Olive Oil: This modern take on Popeye and Olive is super adorable. Don’t forget the extra helping of spinach!

Skeletons in Love: Turn this Halloween classic into a cute couple’s costume by wearing your heart on your sleeve… literally.

Camp Counselors: Rise and shine campers! Grab your clip boards, whistles and sweat bands to create this cute camp counselor costume.

Goose and Maverick: There’s no better partner in crime than this dynamic duo.

Johnny Cash and June Carter: These star-crossed lovebirds are a great costume choice for couples who enjoy a good love song. Just make sure to know all the words to ‘Walk the Line.’

Old Married Couple: Fast forward 50 years to get a glimpse into what it’s really going to look like to grow old with your partner.

Bonnie and Clyde: There’s something almost lovable about the best dressed criminals in history. Don’t forget to include your furry little friends as your inmates!

French Chef and Profiteroles: We all love a sweet treat! Channel your inner Parisian alter ego with this crowd-pleasing costume.

Bert and Mary Poppins: Up, up and away! Channel your inner Julie Andrews for this fun and classic Halloween couple costume.

Bart and Marge Simpson: What’s not to love about this animated sitcom couple and their love for beer and donuts?

Forrest and Jenny: Got a guy that resembles Tom Hanks? Start rummaging those thrift stores for this easy costume.

Sandy and Danny: Win over the dance floor with this classic costume. And don’t forget to tell your guy, “You’re the one that I want!”

Alice in Wonderland: We love a good pocket watch and bow tie! Grab your guy’s hand and travel down the rabbit hole together in this adorable costume.

Gold Trophies:  This costume gives trophy wife a whole new meaning. Go gold from head to toe to create a realistic trophy look and then start practicing not moving for long periods of time.

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