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20 Ways to Include Calligraphy in Your Wedding

There is just something about the loopy letters, fancy fonts and delicate details. Get lost in these 20 calligraphy details for your wedding.

1. Greet your guests with an elegantly displayed calligraphy menu. Bonus points for supplying them something to munch on like this delicious rosemary bread.

2.Hang a sign at your ceremony or reception with a love quote or saying. Your guests will love the thoughtfulness and it can easily double as a photo booth backdrop.

3. Let your guests know exactly where to go to get their signature cocktails. This wooden sign would look great at a garden wedding or complement a romantic color palette.

4. Like calligraphy, chair signs have been increasingly popular for modern weddings. These laser cut wooden signs are the perfect addition to your sweetheart table.

5. Display your cake in front of a backdrop filled with calligraphy for a cake cutting background that will look great in all your photos. The darker wooden background also allows the tasty dessert to steal the spotlight.

6. Calligraphy on fruit is taking things to a whole new level. For a vineyard or rustic wedding, these pomegranate place cards are a sweet touch to greet your guests as they find their seats for a sit down wedding. The gold calligraphy really stands out against the deep red fruit.

7. Invitations might be the most popular place we’ve seen calligraphy in weddings. There is just something about handwritten invites that add a personal touch to your big day.

8. Cake toppers are a great way to show your personal style. Use calligraphy for an elegant touch atop your wedding cake.

9. Looking for a little something extra? Have a calligrapher print your favorite quote on a fabric of your choice to display behind your altar. Make sure it is hung high enough for your guests to read it in its entirety.

10. You can DIY these gorgeous vases to use as centerpieces or at your welcome table for a fun way to include your favorite quote into your décor. If cursive hand lettering isn’t your thing – you can make it an easier project by using the vases for table numbers.

11. With so many styles of table runners to choose from, they really set the tone for your wedding meal. This simple white calligraphy on brown paper gives a rustic romantic feel that will keep your guests oohing and aahing as they enjoy their food.

12. Save-the-dates are the perfect way to let you guests know what kind of event they are in for. Including calligraphy will add a romantic flair that will get them excited about your upcoming nuptials.

13. When it comes to table numbers, we’ve seen it all. From childhood pictures and literary book covers to carved wooden numbers and wine bottles. For something simple and modern, this bright golden calligraphy is easy to see so that you guests can find their seats quickly.

14. For a modern escort card, spray paint a giant leaf gold and use black paint or a sharpie to write the name of your guests. You can do these yourself or hire a calligrapher to make them look great for your rustic wedding.

15. These personalized hangers are a great gift for you and your bridesmaids. Include them in your bridesmaid asks or give them as a thank you gift to let your girls know how much all of their help and hard work means to you.

16. Who doesn’t need a personalized champagne flute? These are great for your wedding day so that you never misplace your drink.

17. Make your guests feel welcome by greeting them with this big wooden sign. You can place it in front of your reception venue to warmly welcome them into a fun filled evening.

18. Greet your guests at the welcome table with a hand printed treat for them to sign and give their well wishes to the happy couple.

19. Calligraphy on a mirror looks extra fancy. Use it to display your signature drinks so that your guests can order with ease.

20. A personalized stamp is a great way to seal your invitations as well as something that you can use long after you say, ‘I do!’

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