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5 Moody Maroon Table Settings for your Winter Wedding

Maroon is one of those colors that just exudes romance. With its deep hue and rich boldness, it is a color that absolutely demands attention. 

Incorporating this color into your reception tablescapes is a great way to add a little glam to your winter wedding. These 5 moody maroon tablescapes will give you all the inspiration you need no matter what style of wedding you are planning!

You can pretty much feel the romance from this autumn woodland wedding shoot in Oregon (above). Together the jewel-toned maroon color complements the sassy gold with elegant styling.  And don’t forget the rich burgundy dahlias that completed the raw forest look that added a perfectly glam element to the wooden table.

We are a sucker for anything hand-lettered or watercolored. Putting them together is just full-on fabulous!

Maroon details don’t always have to be dark and melancholy. By adding some peach flowers into the mix (above) and using all white or crystal tableware, you can complement the dark hue.

If you want to use maroon as more of an accent for your tablescapes, these long candles are definitely the way to go. Surrounded by luscious flowers and clear glassware, the dark tapers give the whole table an extra pop of color.

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without some dark and stormy inspiration.  The Christmas wedding below featured dark table linens, maroon centerpieces and votive candles to really bring out the dark romance.

Credits:   Ashley Cook Photography   |   Kathryn McCrary   |   Mi Amore Photo   |   100 Layer Cake   |   Tricia Fountaine Design